Peg-Perégo Prima Pappa Best

By Published On: November 1st, 2011

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and luxurious high chair […]

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and luxurious high chair with plenty of extras, this is the chair for you!
The Peg-Perego Prima Pappa Best can be pulled out of its box and put immediately to work, as it comes nearly fully assembled. After quickly sliding its four bottom wheels into place, it was good to go. Our daughter, whose previous high chair had been a space-saving version strapped to a dining room chair, took one look at her new chair, ran over, and climbed right in. I can’t say I blamed her. The seat was a gorgeous, leather-like material, and was soft and plush to the touch.
PPappa Best Bordeaux NAWhile our daughter sat, my husband and I tested the chair’s multitude of features. The seat had an easily adjustable five-point safety harness, and reclined for younger children. In addition, we liked that it slid up or down to accommodate different environments and activities. It would be perfect for taking to a family picnic because it could adjust to the height of the picnic table as well as change to perfectly accommodate our home’s taller cafe table. Our daughter’s favorite feature was the footrest, which adjusted perfectly to her height leaving room to grow. We unpacked not one, but two trays. The Prima Pappa Best features a heavy duty tray as well as a tray liner. By pulling a lever on the front of the main tray, it can slide into place on the chair. This was not hard to do, but required slightly more effort than our previous chair’s snap-on attachment. We found the tray liner to be an especially nice feature for our daughter who likes to color while Mom makes dinner, providing an easy transition to dinner time and a clean tray. Also included on the chair is an ultra-convenient storage net to house toys for impromptu play times!
Overall, we have been very pleased with the Prima Pappa Best. It has no more crevices for food to hide than our old chair, and is easy to clean with a damp cloth. While the trays are large and very accommodating, a few drawbacks are that their height can’t be adjusted, and they can only be pushed in so far. The tray’s height works with our tall two-year-old, but it might not work with all children. An inability to push the tray in completely leaves space between the tray and our daughter where food likes to fall. While her bib tends to catch most of the mess, this could be a potential post-dinner nuisance. We, however, have found this to be only a minor flaw.
The Peg-Perego Prima Pappa Best is an outstanding buy. It is a well-built, comfortable high chair with plenty of thoughtful features for your child and family to enjoy.
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