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I’m a big fan of Peg Perego products, so I […]

I’m a big fan of Peg Perego products, so I was excited to try out their smallest stroller, the Pliko Mini. After several weeks of hitting the pavement, I’m happy to say that what this compact cutie lacks in size it makes up for in convenience.

It’s practical right from the get-go: The stroller is delivered in a few parts, but the instruction manual has detailed pictures and written instructions that guided me through snapping everything together. I had it up and rolling in about 10 minutes.

The only issue I ran into while putting it together was with one of the telescoping handles. It was stuck in the lowest position—and I mean really stuck! Because this feature is one of the Pliko Mini’s greatest perks, and because my extra-tall hubby was so excited about the prospect of an umbrella stroller he didn’t have to hunch over to push, leaving the handles in the lowest position wasn’t an option.

It took about 15 minutes of strength and willpower to get it dislodged and fully extended. That handle still doesn’t move between positions smoothly, but because it’s not an adjustment we use very often I don’t consider it a problem. Plus, this stroller has something to make up for its minor telescoping troubles: the one-handed fold.

So many strollers promise one-handed freedom, but I’m happy to report that the Pliko Mini actually delivers. Unlatch the handlebar levers, pull up on the handle on the back of the stroller and bam—it collapses in one quick, seamless motion. Lock the front wheels, and it’ll even stand on its own. The first time I realized I didn’t have to bend over or put down my wiggly 10-month old to open and close this stroller, I almost shed a tear of joy. It’s glorious.

My little one doesn’t think the Pliko Mini is too shabby, either. I don’t blame her; this thing is cozy! The fabric is definitely up to Peg Perego standards, both in cushiness and appearance. It comes in several different colors and patterns; we have the House print, which is vibrant and playful and stands out in the sea of similar-looking strollers. I also appreciate this print because the fabric is spot-clean or hand-wash only, and it does a nice job of camouflaging spills and smudges.

The leg rest, 5-point safety harness and seat back are all easily adjustable. The seat has three reclining positions, making it usable from birth through 45 pounds or 43 inches (and perfect for naptimes on the go). I’m particularly impressed by the hood, which seems generously large for such a small stroller and includes a viewing window (which I love!) and a toy loop.

It’s super compact, too. At 13 pounds and just 37.5” x 13.5” folded, I had no problem toting this stroller around town all day, every day. Like all umbrella strollers, it’s not made for off-roading, but I found it to be smooth and sturdy on flat surfaces. I was also pleasantly surprised by how maneuverable it is—it’s lightweight and turns on a dime, making it really easy to steer one-handed.

The easy handling is definitely a perk because I found that this stroller frequently left me with one hand completely occupied by mom junk. That’s my only complaint about the Pliko Mini: It has almost no storage space. Because of the folding mechanism, the undercarriage basket is only functional for very small items (think an iPad case), and the stroller doesn’t have any built-in extras like a cup holder or a pouch to slip in keys or a phone. Peg Perego does have several accessories for purchase—including a cup holder, rain cover, mosquito net, foot muff, front handlebar, umbrella, padded cushion, and travel bag—but it’s a little disappointing that there’s really no option included for easy-access storage.

I know strollers in this class are meant to be streamlined, but for the price-point I feel like the Pliko Mini is lacking some convenient add-ons that other full-featured umbrella strollers manage to incorporate into their design and cost. For this reason, I bought a Diono Buggy Buddy Stroller Organizer ($8 on Amazon!). It fits on the handlebars and it can hold several toys, keys, a water bottle and a phone. It completely improves the functionality of this stroller, and as an added bonus it complements my Pliko Mini’s sassy beach motif perfectly!

With all that being said, I would absolutely recommend this stroller to a friend—under the right circumstances. If you’re a city dwelling, public-transit using jetsetter, this stroller is tough to beat. It’s lightweight, easy to fold and compact for transport, while also being sturdy and comfortable. Honestly, pushing it through tight spaces is a pleasure, and I’m not sure if you could find a stroller that would be better in crowds! However, if you’re looking for a more full-featured umbrella stroller for, say, day trips to the park or zoo, this one may not be the best in the perks-department unless you’re up for investing in some after-market add-ons.

I’m more than pleased with the Pliko Mini, though, and I’m looking forward to ushering my little one into a summer of sight-seeing, city-strolling and travel—which is exactly what this little gem was made for!

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