Pattern LA Classic diaper bag

By Published On: October 30th, 2014

When it comes to the diaper bag, there are two […]

When it comes to the diaper bag, there are two big options: function or style. For the no bells and whistles camp, a diaper bag is a straightforward concept. It’s a place to stash the mountain of gear you need whenever you leave the house with someone under two feet. So how fancy does it need to get? Give these guys a functional bag with the right number of pockets, and they’re good to go.
Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 11.18.45 AMEnter the Pattern LA Classic diaper bag, which manages to keep it simple and give you easy access to the million and one things you stuff inside. It’s light and sturdy with comfy handles and an adjustable shoulder strap made of vegan leather, a synthetic designed to look like the real deal. There are three exterior pockets and four inside, plus an insulated bottle sleeve that velcros into place so you don’t have to go hunting. Other extras include a changing pad, drawstring bag that’s billed for toys and a change of clothes, but something I would totally use to stash a stinky diaper if there was no trash can handy. There’s also a zippered pouch with a detachable leash to store keys and other essentials. Sounds like a lot of bells and whistles, right? The key is simplicity. This is a diaper bag is cute without trying to disguise the fact that it’s diaper bag. It’s a good size, too: big enough to fit everything comfortably and not so massive that you feel like you’re hauling a suitcase to the park with you.
Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 11.17.09 AMPattern LA’s Classic diaper bag is constructed of a matte, laminated cotton that’s as practical as it gets. You can bet stains, smudges or dirt won’t show, even if you opt for one of the brighter patterns. It gives the bag a utilitarian feel, and will no doubt outlast the baby years without showing signs of wear and tear.
Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 11.21.24 AM Here’s the bottom line: If you’re going for function, you can’t beat Pattern LA’s Classic diaper bag.
Price: $120
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