Papa time

By Published On: August 25th, 2014

Rowan’s still very much a mama’s boy, seeking solace in […]

imageRowan’s still very much a mama’s boy, seeking solace in my arms often. But he’s finally starting to realize there’s another person in our family who’s actually quite fun–Papa! Arthur’s no longer just someone who provides bottles or diaper changes when Mama’s indisposed. He’s someone who can build forts, offer shoulder rides and make silly noises.
It all started when Arthur recreated a memory from his childhood for Rowan. Growing up, he used to make “wind tents” by attaching a bed sheet to a floor fan and letting it billow about. The first time he did this for Rowan, our son was so gleeful that it’s become a repeated activity for the North boys (Finn too!). From there, it evolved into tickle sessions and flying super baby. Now a mischievous grin spreads over Rowan’s face when he rounds a corner and sees his papa.
This new aspect to their relationship came at a wonderful time. With Arthur gone every other week, there’s an adjustment period for Rowan when he returns. It takes a little bit for Rowan to warm up, going from one-on-one with Mama 24/7 to welcoming Papa back into the fold. I feel bad for Arthur because their time together now is even more valuable. So seeing them connect in this interactive way makes me happy.
It doesn’t hurt that when Arthur’s home, it gives me a chance to have some downtime. Listening to those two laugh and squeal in the other room while I unwind with a book is becoming something I look forward to at the end of the week.