What to pack in your daycare bag

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Basic set-up How often does baby eat in an 8-hour […]

Basic set-up
How often does baby eat in an 8-hour period, and about how many diapers do you change each day? Pack enough bottles (with corresponding breast milk or formula), diapers and wipes to meet those needs and then some, so your little one will always be full, dry and happy.

Fresh and clean
A change of clothes is a must because you never know when a dreaded blowout is on the horizon. Additionally, including multiple bibs will be helpful if you have a heavy-drooler on your hands (no one likes a soggy shirt!). And should your tot really make a mess, packing a travel baby soap and lotion is thoughtful as well.

Just in case
If your babe has a sniffle that needs some attention, make sure to include a pack of Boogie Wipes. The natural saline component helps dissolve boogies and keeps little noses clean and less congested (plus, they are super soft and perfect for delicate skin).

Comforts of home
Just because you’re out of the house doesn’t mean you can’t bring a piece of home with you. Packing a pacifier or favorite stuffed animal will provide a cozy aid to your little darling—and hopefully keep the tears in check!

This post is sponsored by Boogies Wipes, a product we include in our own daycare bags!

By Lauren Lisle

Image: Pregnancy & Newborn