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Being a new mom in 2017 definitely has its perks, […]

Being a new mom in 2017 definitely has its perks, especially the souped-up versions of baby and mom gear to choose from. When it comes to diaper bags specifically, it’s hard to eyeball what is or isn’t filled with nappy wipes, snacks and a few burp clothes. So many brands do an amazing job at creating swag bags we actually want to show off. The PacaPod Prescott takes this a step further, in that it’s a genius storage system that helps keep all your mommy and non-mommy things organized while also looking oh-so-stylish.

In case the name doesn’t speak for itself, PacaPod literally means the packing of pods. These storage containers help hygienically separate the contents of baby’s needs. The Prescott comes with two different pods, one for diapering and one for food storage. The diaper pod comes with a complementary changing pad, plenty of pockets and an elastic band to hold diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, etc. It’s big enough to hold a day’s worth of supplies, should you be out and about for hours on end. The same applies to the food storage pod. It’s insulated for keeping packed food cold or hot, and it also comes with a drawstring pouch for purees and an insulated bottle koozie, too. I was able to pack a reusable water bottle, medium-sized container of pureed baby food, puffs, a spoon, a bib and a banana all together in the single pod. Even after retrieving different items throughout the day, I never opened the pod to find anything spoiled or past a temperature appropriate for consumption.

The Prescott is separated into two sections. The backside is a zipped compartment where the pods are stored. These fit snuggly once side-by-side, so there’s no worry of spilling, dripping or leaking. You can clip each one in place, too, if needed. The front of the bag is a satchel-style flap. It opens up to two compartments large enough to hold a laptop, regular purse items or toys and other needs for your wee one. At first I thought the front felt a little tight, especially because my pods were packed full, but then I realized there was a middle zipper that runs along the sides of the bag, opening up to provide more room on both ends. This made the world of difference! I can’t effectively use this bag for personal and baby needs without the extra room.

Although I love this bag for many reasons, I really, really love how many compliments I receive when wearing it. More often than not, commenters think it’s anything but a diaper bag and are surprised when I tell them it’s full of snacks and extra one-pieces. It’s such an attractive carrier that it adds some very-needed flair to the diapering department and helps me feel like myself with baby in tow. I am a sucker for classic black pieces, and the Prescott is both of these things. It doesn’t come in any other colors, but being such a staple piece, it will definitely compliment your wardrobe verses clashing with it.

Care for the PacaPod Prescott is easy since it’s made of canvas and coated and uncoated cotton. I haven’t had any major disasters yet, but simple spills, dust and general grime have been easily removed with a damp washcloth. The pods are made similarly with easy-to-clean materials, and the inside of the food pod is both waterproof and wipeable. The bag can be worn as a cross body (yay!), so you can keep your hands and shoulders free, and it also comes with pram attachment straps for your stroller system. I don’t enjoy having to stop and squat down (especially now, being 38 weeks pregnant!) to rummage through a big bag stuffed into the bottom of a stroller carrier. Having my PacaPod hang right in front of me is so helpful (and it’s better care for the bag).

Both my husband and I have used this carrier many times. Style wise, it’s very universal, so he doesn’t mind sporting it on outings. Convenience wise … I really don’t think anything can beat the pods—which you can use alone or in another bag, too! Whether it’s the farmers market or an early dinner date, this has become a go-to. I will confess I don’t always bring it with me to outdoor activities. This is only because I like to keep things in top condition, so I pick and choose when to bring along my nicer items. It could easily accompany you to a baseball game or picnic, but my personal preference is to keep it looking good.

I would definitely recommend the PacaPod Prescott Changing Bag. It’s a genius storage system and is a beautiful item to own. I don’t mind the price for how classic the design is. It’s not going out of style anytime soon, and the materials will hold up. If I could buy for all my mom friends, I would!

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