Oxo Tot Sprout Chair

By Published On: October 24th, 2011

First, I just have to say: I love this highchair! […]

First, I just have to say: I love this highchair! Absolutely love it!
When we started looking for a highchair I wanted something that looked tasteful and discreet. I was looking for something with a small footprint so it didn’t take up too much space in our small house. I thought I would need a highchair that folded up or one that sat in a regular chair and converted to a booster seat. When we saw the Oxo Tot Sprout Chair, though, we really liked the way it looked. It doesn’t scream “there’s a baby in this house!” Instead, it’s tasteful and as subtle as a high chair can be. We chose the taupe/birch combo because the wood base coordinates well with our dining room furniture and the taupe seat cushions are neutral enough to match any decor we might have over the years. The other orange and green options of seat cushions look really fun and vibrant and if we had different decor, I would have chosen the green. Though this chair doesn’t fold up, it doesn’t take up any more floor space than one of our dining room chairs. When it’s pushed up to the table with the tray attached, it takes up just about the same amount of space as an adult sitting at the table. Though it’s made of wood, it’s still lightweight enough for me to move easily—exactly what I wanted!
oxo_tot_sprout_chair-3The Sprout Chair also meets all the requirements that any parent would need for ease of cleaning. The tray is made of a matte plastic that is very easy to wipe down. The seat cushions are removable which provides for both easy cleaning and easy replacement if you ever want to change colors. (You can purchase replacement cushions separately.) The wooden base is smooth and has a finish that makes it one more piece that is easy to wipe down and clean up at the end of a meal.
The chair was also really easy to put together. There are a few screws and some fitting together of parts involved, but all you have to provide is a screwdriver. In fact, my two and a half year old niece helped me put the chair together. I figure if she can follow the directions based on the pictorial instructions, most of the rest of us should have no problem!
But I haven’t even mentioned the highlight of this chair. It’s not just a highchair! The seat (that has a five point safety harness) and footrest are adjustable to two high chair settings and the crotch post removes for a youth chair setting. In the youth chair configuration, it pushes right up to the table and makes for an easy to use, safe, comfortable chair for preschool age children. This adjustment feature makes the Sprout Chair usable until your child is four or five years old!
All of these features make this chair practical and attractive for any family. It’s one of my favorite pieces of baby gear we have and I’m excited to use it for years to come. I believe this chair will hold up for years through multiple children and multiple stages of growth. Did I mention I love this chair?
Price: $250
To buy: oxo.com