Osprey Poco Premium

By Published On: January 1st, 2014

As our newborn grew into an infant and our infant […]

As our newborn grew into an infant and our infant crept closer to becoming a toddler, we knew we needed to look into a new child carrier. The front-facing carrier we had no longer suited our needs. Luckily, we were given the opportunity to try the Osprey Poco Premium. We had no idea just how lucky we were!
The pack arrived fully assembled. The box was light for its size, which is due to the extremely lightweight aluminum frame of the carrier. The pack is available in three colors: blue, black and red. We noticed immediately that the pack has several pockets, pouches and straps to carry additional gear. The Poco Premium has a small, removable daypack that easily fits snacks, diapers, water bottles, etc. There is also an all important and extremely accessible cellphone pocket located on the shoulder strap. We have found that when using the pack for an afternoon hike, we can tuck away all items that are needed without having to carry any extra bags.
Osprey is known for its quick and easy custom fits, and this pack does not disappoint. Adjusting the pack to fit my 5-foot frame versus my husband’s almost 6-foot frame was made simple by following the instructions in the booklet that was included with the pack. And if the full color photos in the booklet aren’t enough, there is also an instructional video on the Osprey website that was helpful as well. It seemed to be a daunting task at first because there are so many buckles, straps and belts. However, the process only takes a few moments with a bit of practice. The pack is designed for adults of all sizes, and this is made clear in its range of positions for the shoulder straps. From extra small to large, the pack can be adjusted for all heights so that it rests comfortably on your shoulders. A simple strap is pulled and tightened to make this happen with clearly marked sizes to take away any guesswork. The range of adjustment here (based on torso length) is 15.5″ to 21.5″.
In addition to the shoulder straps there is a hefty hip belt as well. Appropriate adjustment on this is important so that the hip belt can carry most of the weight. The range of adjustment (based on waist size) is great: 26″ to 48″, giving plenty of room for the pack to be used by all.
Once the pack has been adjusted for the adult, fitting our little one in was the next step. There is an articulating footbar that allows the pack to sit steadily on the ground, which is the recommended position for loading the child into the pack. The carrier is meant for children who are holding themselves up and who weigh at least 16 pounds. Our little girl loved the carrier immediately. She loved her new higher-up viewpoint but even more so clearly felt comfortable in the pack. There is a soft adjustable mesh seat for her to rest herself along with mesh footrests as well. For taller children, there are foot stirrups as well. All areas around the child are padded, making it comfortable and safe. There are adjustable shoulder straps, and side torso straps that are pulled tight before use and keep our little one secure. The maximum weight, for both the child and the carrier itself, is 48 pounds, which gives it a long life into carrying our toddler around town.
There are a few additional features that help to give this carrier its “premium” name. There is a built in sunshade that is perfect for those sunny day hikes. It’s also great to have for the toddler who refuses to wear a sun hat!  There is a removable and washable drool pad, as well as a lightweight changing pad as well. Sold separately are a carrying case and a rain cover.
The Osprey Poco Premium child carrier is definitely worth it’s (light)weight in gold!  We have even found it to be easier and more fun to use than our stroller. We look forward to many more outdoor adventures to come!
Price: $299
To buy: rei.com