Oribel Cocoon High Chair

By Published On: July 28th, 2016

The Oribel Cocoon highchair is pretty, functional and easy to clean—every […]

The Oribel Cocoon highchair is pretty, functional and easy to clean—every mom’s dream!

It comes with adjustable height and recline positions. When we first put it together, my daughter was too small to sit in it upright, but the recline position was perfect for her. She was able to sit with us at the table, and we didn’t have to worry about her being unable to hold her head steady. Then, as she got bigger and more stable, we were able to sit the chair upright to accommodate her and feed her comfortably.

Adjusting the height of the chair is easy-peasy. We are tall people, so we have it up as high as it will go. Figuring out how to adjust the height is simple and requires little effort, which is very convenient.

The very best part of the Cocoon, in my opinion, is the foam seat. It’s so easy to clean! We got it in the plum color, which is pretty, but really the best part is how easy it is to wipe the seat clean after a messy eating session! There’s nothing this busy mom loves more than an easy clean-up.


I wish the instructions had come with some written words instead of just pictures. The pictures are definitely helpful and, for the most part, are easy to follow. We did run into some trouble when we were assembling the chair; I think a written description of the parts and what they do would have come in handy. When we were putting the chair together, we managed to get the seat in the recline position in a way that made it uneven and, as a result, we couldn’t get the legs to attach properly. It took us quite a while (and the use of some choice language) to figure out how to use the lever at the back of the chair to change its position, thereby making it possible to attach the legs. I’m not entirely certain how we came to get the chair reclined off-kilter but it was frustrating to look at the pictures and not be able to figure out what we were doing wrong. I think a written description of all the parts of the chair would have been helpful in figuring out where we had gone wrong.

Once we overcame the uneven recline position and were able to properly attach the legs, the chair went together with no problems. It was probably mostly user-error that gave us the trouble in putting it together. (That, combined with the fact that I tried to put it together in the middle of the kitchen, during dinner, with all four kids running around. That probably wasn’t good planning on my part and shouldn’t reflect poorly on the chair!)

I love that the top tray is dishwasher-safe. This tray takes the brunt of the mess when it comes to the feeding and it’s great that I can pop it into the dishwasher. I also love that the top tray is the plum color, just like the chair padding. Since it’s not white, it doesn’t show staining like a lighter color tray would. This is just a small detail, but I appreciate that the tray isn’t stained with spaghetti sauce that I have to scrub out by hand!

The whole tray is quite easy to take on and off. And the magnetic storage option that allows the tray to be stowed out of the way is another favorite feature! It’s such a great idea as opposed to having to plop the tray on the counter or find somewhere else to store it while cleaning the chair or when it’s not in use. I love the magnet feature!


The Cocoon also comes with a “Food and Cup Holder” that can be used in place of the tray when you’re spoon-feeding baby. It allows you to get a little closer and not have to navigate around the large tray. To be honest, we don’t use it often because it’s quite small (intentionally) and I imagine the food and cup falling over easily, especially with three other kids hanging around trying to “help” feed the baby. I prefer the large tray because, in addition to offering more space to work with, it also catches the inevitably drips and spills that accompany trying to feed a small person. However, it’s a nice option to have depending on your needs.

Overall, the Cocoon is a great buy. I would definitely recommend it as an investment to first-time parents or anyone who plans to have more than one child because it should hold up nicely over time and will definitely be worth the price over the course of its lifetime with multiple children. I like that it comes in several color options, including plum and orange in addition to two nice neutrals.

Price: $200
To buy: amazon.com

By Anna