Organizing my ducks

By Published On: November 7th, 2011
Written by: Tracy

My third trimester has arrived and with it, a very big bump, a growing need to nest and a realization that in less than two and a half months, I will have a new little man in my life.

It’s crazy. It feels like just yesterday I was taking the test and going to my first prenatal appointment. Times they are a changing and fast.

Let’s start with my bump. All of a sudden it just appeared and now, it keeps growing and growing. I am still amazed each day by how much my stomach can stretch. I won’t lie, I am pretty much in love with it, mostly because I know there’s a little person in there, but also because it makes me feel incredibly beautiful. But that bulging ball has also caused some adjustments to my daily routine. I bump into everything with this thing. Doors—as in the refrigerator door, the front door and the bathroom door—have posed the biggest problem. Tying my shoes for the gym went out weeks ago and I am zooming through lotion like there is no tomorrow. And not to mention, this bump is heavy. I have to roll myself out of bed and each day, I am one step closer to perfecting the pregnancy waddle. I also find it hard to bend over to pick up anything in the floor. And I know it’s only going to get worse. I remember looking at pictures of my mom in the last trimester of her pregnancies. She was all bump, but that bump was quite big. That’s exactly where I am headed.

Next, let’s talk about nesting. I haven’t nested a thing up to this point. Confession: I haven’t even really cleaned in quite a while. But as I was lying in bed the other night, I kept rolling through all of the things that I needed to do to the house before Braxton arrives—including getting his nursery ready. So I am excited to think that my natural nesting ability may be kicking in. I know Brack and CiCi will also be glad to live in a clutter-free house once again.

There are so many physical changes that come with the third trimester. From heartburn (whoa Nelly!) to insomnia (Why do I wake up at 4 a.m. every single day?) to aches and pains to my constant need to pee (Does Braxton find it fun to jump on my bladder at all hours of the night?), it’s clear that I have crossed over to the home stretch of this pregnancy.

The other day, as I was preregistering with our hospital (the one where I will give birth to an actual person), I realized this “having a baby” thing is right around the corner. So I am kicking it into mommy mode and trying to get all of my ducks (ducks that are usually really bad at following directions) into a nice, straight row.

Have you been keeping a steady pace while preparing for your baby? Or are you like me, trying to fit it all of it into the last trimester? Either way, let me know how the last trimester is feeling for you and we can share tips. Also, check out our 40 things to do in 40 weeks article, to help streamline your process from the very beginning.

Lots of love,