Orbit Baby O2 Stroller Base and G3 Seat

By Published On: February 3rd, 2016

I’ve eyed the Orbit Baby strollers from afar since I […]

I’ve eyed the Orbit Baby strollers from afar since I first started looking at strollers about five years ago. It’s at the top end of strollers, and I wanted to know what all the hype was about. Well, I happily got to find that out. First off, a little about the line if you aren’t familiar: It’s a system that revolves (pun intended) around Orbit Baby’s patented SmartHub technology, which allows you to dock and rotate car and stroller seats. All the seats in this system rotate 360 degrees to allow for smooth transitions between car and stroller, and when you are on the go that 360-degree rotation allows baby/toddler a better view out in the world. OK … now on to the Orbit Baby O2 jogging stroller and G3 seat!
Orbit Baby
I was super excited when it arrived, and I put it together that night. I had just gotten back into working out, so I was ready to hit the streets with my little one (who’s 18 months old). The unboxing was really easy. My husband was in the middle of something, so I put everything together solo. No tools were needed, and the instructions made everything easy-peasy. They include two manuals—one with just illustrations and then a traditional text manual. I used the illustration-only one for setting up, and it was very easy to follow.
I then went back and read the manual when I wanted to learn about all the bells and whistles—and there are plenty. This is the highest quality stroller I’ve used. It has simple construction and a minimalist look, which means everything has been thought about and has a purpose. You can tell this stroller will stand up to the wear and tear that parents and children put on any stroller—especially a jogging/all-terrain stroller. I was really impressed with the overall aesthetic and quality—high-end fabrics and a sleek design.
I have the G3 Stroller Seat. This seat will take your 3- to 4-month-old and up to a 50-pound child. Both of my children have enjoyed cruising in this stroller. My 18-month-old didn’t fuss or squirm too badly, and my 4-year-old told me he likes the ride and thought the seat fit him well.
The seat comes with a removable padded and reversible infant insert that has a soft fleece side and a mesh side that will keep them cool. (My 18-month-old is on the smaller side and still needed this padding.) The seat itself comes with a mesh lining that helps keep your older children cool, too.
The seat and the insert are both very high quality with fabric that seems easy to clean. (Instructions are to wipe with a damp cloth.) It looks like you can easily remove the fabric too, so it could be easy to clean up a major sticky spill if you have one.
The seat comes with two different footrests—one for those under 2 and then another that will grow with the child. The second footrest is adjustable and I was able to fully extend it, allowing my 4-year-old to take a jog with me. The seat is in a fixed frame, but the seat reclines 180 degrees and has been tested in the nap position. It has a HUGE sunshade. I have fair-skinned little ones, and this fits the bill for sun protection. Unfortunately, it does not have a peekaboo window. That’s not an issue if the child is facing you, but for kiddos who want to look out into the world on your run … this can make for a lot of checking in. It would be a great feature for Orbit Baby to add.
The stroller seat comes with a detachable snack tray that was roomy enough for a sippy cup and Cheerios. I have really enjoyed the O2 Cup Holder and Organizer for myself. It has two cup-holders (that will hold pretty good-sized water bottles) and a zipper compartment in the middle that has a phone holder on top. This is a cool feature for when you are jogging, because you can secure it there and it’s still accessible if you want to play DJ on your run. It fits snugly on the stroller—almost like it was built-in, and it is reinforced to hold its shape. Again, well-thought-out and of fantastic quality.
Orbit Baby is a system, so this stroller base will fit the Orbit Baby infant seat, which doubles as the stroller seat until they reach 30 pounds. Then you level up to the G3 seat. It is not compatible with any other brands. This shouldn’t really be an issue, though, because you really aren’t supposed to jog with a baby until they are about 6 months old … and at that time your little one will fit into the G3 seat.
On with the ride! Let’s start at the bottom with the rubber air-filled tires that add to the smooth push. They include a tire pump, which is very compact, so you can easily bring it along on your jog. They are also detachable, so you can easily replace them if anything happens to them. Because it’s a jogging stroller, the front wheel locks; it is easily flipped to the lock position and then back again. This stroller has shock-absorbing spring suspension for an ultra-smooth ride, so it handles any terrain with ease. I usually run in our local park, and there are a few spots that have a significant transfer (specifically a wooden bridge—that bridge was the test). There was no effort needed to go from the sidewalk to the bridge, and my little one barely noticed the transition or the time spent on the bridge. It is the smoothest stroller I have ever pushed! Walking, running, on pavement, at a festival, on a gravel road, grass—that stroller gives you a smooth ride and is so easily pushed that you can do it with one hand. Heck, one finger if you are going straight.
I LOVE the brake! The foot brake for this stroller is awesome. It is flip-flop friendly! You have an easy-to-push left pedal for GO and an equally easy to reach button on the right side for STOP. With my other stroller, I literally have to bend over to push it because it’s just so clunky to use. Not this brake!
The base of the stroller isn’t too big. It’s not compact either, but it fits pretty easily in my minivan. The issue is the seat. It doesn’t fold with the stroller. It lifts off from the base and you just place it separately. This isn’t an issue if you are just going to the park, but I wouldn’t want to fly with this stroller or take it on a trip when I have lots of luggage because it does take up a good bit of room. You need two hands to fold this stroller, but it is pretty easy to disassemble. The base locks, and it will stand on its own—but you have to set the seat in separately.
I do love this stroller, and I feel pretty cool being out and about with it. This is definitely on the very high-end of the price scale with all the accessories. But if you have the room in your budget and you are looking for the smoothest ride and want something that is going to endure the years of jogging and kiddos—then this is your stroller. If I had it to do all over again, I would look at the whole system. Orbit Baby really does think about all aspects of a mom being out in the world with her child. I’m already looking forward to my next run—now, which kid do I take with me?
Price: O2 stroller, $620; G3 seat, $240
Where to buy: orbitbaby.com