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Everyone always claims to have a big baby, but let […]

Everyone always claims to have a big baby, but let me tell you, I have a BIG baby. Our loveable squish is currently rocking 18 to 24 month clothing at just 8 months old. When it comes to hauling her around, baby carriers are a necessity in our house (an arm-saver). Onya Baby’s new lightweight carrier, the Pure, is a great way to keep moving with baby without breaking your biceps!

At first glance of the carrier packaging, the woman on the box does not look thrilled to be babywearing. Let me tell you, baby wearing is awesome! Babies love it and as a mom of two (who desperately needs extra hands anywhere she can get them), I love it, too. Once past the packaging model, I found the carrier to be well constructed and a great neutral gray Granite color. The Pure weighs in at just over a pound. The lightweight sporty design makes it great for a playdate at the park, hiking, or utilizing at the splash pad while you chase your toddler around in circles. This is a very casual and athletic looking carrier. Although, there are not many splash pads open right now, I imagine that this will be my go-to carrier this summer. The fabric dries quickly, and the carrier comes equipped with a large air mesh vent in the front that can be rolled open or close for more breathability.

The user manual is easy to read and demonstrates six different baby wearing maneuvers with the carrier through easy to follow illustrations and instructions. With the Pure, you can baby carry in three different positions with baby facing in toward your body: in front of you from 0 to 24 months, on your back from 6 to 48 months, or at your side/hip from 4 to 48 months. The Pure can accomodate babies from 15 to 45 pounds, or starting as small as 7 pounds with the Baby Booster (to be purchased separately).

Once on, I prefer the front carry using the chest clip. I find that this position is the fastest, easiest and most comfortable for me to carry baby in. The clips on the Pure are different from other carriers I have encountered in that they require two separate clipping motions. You have to lift a middle part, then squeeze the traditional side area. This multi-step clip seems cumbersome at first (I did clip my fingers a couple of times), but after a few tries got easier. This carrier is simple enough for me to utilize on my own in all carrying positions.

My babe settles into the Onya Pure nicely. She absolutely loves to be held; this second baby is a mama’s girl for sure! The straps on the Pure are easy to adjust to your comfort and include retention bands to conveniently roll extra strap tails out of the way. I wish there was more padding in the shoulder straps, but to get to be so lightweight, I am sure you have to cut ounces somewhere. There are thoughtful toy loops located on each of the shoulder straps for hooking teethers etc. in easy reach of baby (although, my squish usually just prefers gnawing right on the straps). Very clever design. The waistband is thick, sturdy, supportive and adjusts in range from 26 inches to 56 inches. For extra comfort for the baby, there is a half-hood for their head you can fold up and down with a snap and also the adjustable air mesh vent which rolls up and also snaps neatly out of the way. The snaps are very hearty.

OnyaBabyPure1For travel, this is not a carrier that tucks away super small in my diaper bag, but the Onya Baby Pure does fit nicely in my stroller basket. The carrier is machine washable (Hoo-ray!) and easily wipeable. I highly recommend baby wearing for all parents, not just ones with multiple children. Baby wearing allows you to bond with your child, comfort and soothe them, and also, gives you the ability to use your arms. Whether at the grocery store, around the house, or just taking in the sights outside, the Onya Baby Pure soft baby carrier will get you out and moving with ease.

Price: $129
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