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By Published On: December 25th, 2014

Merry Christmas! Many people will be giving and receiving gifts […]

downloadMerry Christmas!
Many people will be giving and receiving gifts today. For our family, this day has become an important reminder of a very precious gift that was given to us. Actually, it was the news of the gift that we received a year ago, today.
We tried to be a little creative and have a little fun with the way in which we made the big reveal to our kids. We wrapped the positive pregnancy test in a box as if it were another Christmas gift. We then had them open it as the last present. Thankfully, we caught the moment on video. As you can see, it was a moment of great excitement and rejoicing for our whole family.
During the months that followed the moment in the video, that precious little gift grew. We heard his heartbeat. We felt his kicks. We kissed the belly that contained him. We sang him songs and read him books. We prayed for him. We anticipated him. And then, he arrived.
Here we are now, four months after his arrival, rejoicing again over the wonderful news we received this time last year. That mysterious little plus sign has turned into a flesh-and-blood human being, who brightens our lives with his smiles and giggles.
Choruses of “Joy To The World” resound outside our house from the carolers in our neighborhood. At the same time, our family is singing its own chorus of “Joy To Our Family” inside our house. There is joy everywhere! Yay for babies; babies in a mangers millenia ago and babies in our arms right now.
May this Christmas season be filled with joy for you and your family as well. May you rejoice over the birth of a very special baby 2000 years ago as well as the births of any other babies in your life in more recent history.