One-stop shop: Sites for sore eyes

By Published On: July 26th, 2012

New mamas and moms-to-be, we know you’re short on sleep […]

New mamas and moms-to-be, we know you’re short on sleep so we’ll be quick. We found a few sites that may make your days a little easier…because we can’t really help you with your nights. Here are a few sites we’re loving right now.
Expecting moms
In a market saturated with endless baby products and gear, MyBlueBirdie™ is your one-stop preparation site for the newest addition to the family. Parents can prioritize their expenses through expert-curated products, buy from flash sales and take advantage of an expert panel of pediatricians and specialists who provide insight and advice for every milestone. There’s even a customized and hand-picked all-inclusive registry with ‘Must Have’ and ‘Nice to Have’ items, which cuts out the guesswork for everyone!

New moms
You can’t wait to play with, bathe, dress and sing to your bundle of joy. What’s definitely not on your list? Running across town buying and returning clothes for said bundle. Put shopping for your newborn on auto-pilot. Wittlebee kids clothing club is an affordable luxury for new moms that gives them access to a team of stylists who tailor a box of 6 items each month. But don’t worry; the service can be paused at any time, so you can keep pace as your baby grows.

All moms
Did you know it takes 7 bathtubs full of water to grow and treat material for a single t-shirt? Can you be eco-friendly and budget-friendly all while shopping for your children? Yes. The stylishly sustainable thredUP is an online kids’ consignment shop, tackling the most wasteful segment of the clothing industry (because clothes don’t grow, kids do!). All of your favorite brands are offered (GAP, Ralph Lauren, Gymboree, Mini Boden, etc) at a fraction of the prize. You can even send in your little one’s duds for cash—the average mom gets $25 per bag of clothes! Not too shabby.