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By Published On: March 18th, 2013
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I’m P&N’s resident geek. Whenever you see something on the […]

I’m P&N’s resident geek. Whenever you see something on the site or in the mag that mentions spaceships or aliens, you can be pretty sure it was my doing. Of course, outer space doesn’t exactly fit our theme, so I’ve just tried to subtly sneak it in whenever I can—a casual mention of rocket ships and robots here, a Valentine for the office featuring the heart nebula  there. Even when I find TOTALLY RELEVANT baby stuff, it generally isn’t mainstream enough for the bulk of our audience (Bad Wolf onesie, anyone?). But this time … THIS TIME … I’ve finally done it. I have found something so completely on-topic that they’ll just have to include it. Are you ready?

Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 1.52.16 PM

  BAM. Space babies. It was bound to happen eventually. I mean, this planet—or “protoplanet,” more accurately—is in its gestational period, which means the universe is basically pregnant (the baby shower will be meteor themed, I’m sure). That’s got to be worth a cover, right? Right? No? … Oh well, back to the drawing board.

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