One-month milestones

By Published On: August 22nd, 2014

Is baby acne a milestone? What about flaky skin? She […]

photoIs baby acne a milestone? What about flaky skin? She has both adorable ailments going on, and her siblings are big-eyed with concern. “Mom! Look at that red bump! And what’s wrong with her forehead? Her skin is peeling off! Quick, let’s take her to the doctor!” All that concern is pretty cute.
Really though, we’re hitting those first month milestones (at least the ones I can remember). Nursing all the time? Check. Lifting her head up when I’m holding her one-handed against my chest so I can slap together a sandwich for her cranky brother, only to face-plant against my collarbone and start wailing? Check. Aiming those big toothless grins at the ceiling fan, the wall and even her daddy, but never once to me? Check.
Yep, we’re totally one track for five weeks and by that I mean we have established no schedule whatsoever. Some days she’s all about the cluster feeding, and others she’s content to fill up every few hours, so I never know when it’s safe to sneak off for something totally selfish, like a shower, or if my husband will come barging in with a seriously pissed off baby. I am thrilled to report, however, that she is a really fabulous sleeper, and you should be insanely jealous. Twice she’s had really alert periods in the dead of night for an hour or two, but because she never does it, it was actually kind of fun. We got to cuddle and coo and admire without her loud, enthusiastic siblings getting in the way.
She has also made her first friend. The ceiling fan is a truly fascinating creature that can always be counted on to charm her, giving me a few precious minutes to get stuff done. She’s had a lot of good times staring up at that thing, and I’ve figured out how to cram the most critical elements of “getting ready” into ten minutes or less. If that’s not a milestone, it should be.