On the move

By Published On: June 10th, 2013

Isaac is getting more mobile by the day. Back and […]

IMG_1292Isaac is getting more mobile by the day. Back and forth around the living room he goes, usually after the basket that holds the toys more than the toys themselves. He will rise up on all fours and rock, but hasn’t quite figured out how to walk his arms forward. He sort of inches around mostly, using his legs to do most of the work.
Every day he’s getting stronger! I can’t imagine it will be long before he’s crawling all over the place.
It’s really amazing to watch him figure these things out. The way he zones in on his goal and scoots little by little to get to it, grunting all the way. Sometimes he gets frustrated, but with a little encouragement from me he keeps moving. When he reaches it, I’ll clap and cheer and he smiles so big. You can see the pride in his eyes. Nothing better than seeing that look of accomplishment on his little face.
I’m a little nervous about him becoming entirely mobile. I have a lot of babyproofing to do, but I’m not sure where to start. Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated!