On a roll

By Published On: August 8th, 2016

I mentioned that Austin has begun rolling over in my last […]

0801161039I mentioned that Austin has begun rolling over in my last post, but I neglected to add that the rolling over thing came within days of moving him into his crib. Talk about a pain in the butt (for a few nights).

It’s hard enough transitioning your new little person into a crib, but throw in him crying every time he rolls over—and you’ve got parents getting out of bed a dozen times a night to readjust/calm the little one and/or reinsert the pacifier. 

He wears a sleep sack that’s ridiculously soft (from aden + anais), which allows his arms to remain free to seemingly move about his crib. I’ll go in after a little whining and crying to look for the pacifier before resorting to giving him a new one from the nightstand. The next morning I’ll find one, two or all of them strewn about the crib, on the floor beneath the crib and even in the laundry bin next to the crib. 

It was pretty bad the first few nights, but he’s figured out how to pacify himself and sleep successfully despite rolling all over the place.

0808160941aThe other big change is my return to being a stay-at-home dad. Yeah, Linds went back to work leaving me with the three boys from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. She did an awesome job creating a solid eating/sleeping routine with Austin, and thankfully Graham still naps. So, there’s some overlapping time where it’s just me and Nolan, who never stops. He’s really become a huge help and has taken pride in being the oldest of the three. Sometimes he plays tiny emperor though, which is funny to hear. If Graham doesn’t help clean up whatever they’ve (Nolan’s) finished playing with, he’s not allowed to play with the next thing, whatever it is. 

Austin doesn’t go back to the doctor for another month for his 4-month checkup, but this kid is a beefcake. I’m not even comparing him to Nolan and Graham, who just so happened to be skinny malinks. He’s legit got ham hocks as thighs. He’s happy (as are the other two), and that’s all that matters. He’s the first kid we’ve had that has rolls on his arms and legs, so it’s different. But then again he’s also got red hair and blue eyes.