OiOi Sand Dot Hobo Baby Bag

By Published On: August 1st, 2010

I was pleasantly surprised by my Oi Oi Baby Bag. […]

I was pleasantly surprised by my Oi Oi Baby Bag. When I agreed to review the bag, I was unfamiliar with the brand and wasn’t sure what to expect. Looking at it out of the box, it looks like a fashionable purse, not a diaper bag. (It will probably serve in a purse function when it is done with its baby duties.) The bag has a nylon canvas sand color exterior with large black polka dots. The zipper liner and strap are black as well. There are five metal feet on it which keeps it sitting up right. There are two side pockets on the outside that are lined that make it easy to wipe clean. These outside pockets are great for Mom’s beverage or keys or baby’s pacifier, or whatever you would like to have easy access to. The inside is lined with tan nylon and has one big compartment with 3 divided elasticized pockets. There is also one zipper pocket on the inside. The outside of the bag has been waterproofed and can easily be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. Because of the nylon lining, the inside is easy to wipe clean. The bag itself is very large and holds a large amount of baby supplies.
OiOiSandDotHoboIncluded with the bag were an insulated bottle holder, a clear plastic hard wipe case, and a tan padded nylon changing pad. These extras were a very nice surprise! The changing pad is the same nylon that lines the inside of the bag and is very easy to wipe clean as well. It has an attached strap that makes it easy to fold up and store easily in an inside pocket. The hard wipe case was very handy and held a decent amount of wipes. I didn’t have any problems with it leaking at all. The bottle holder also came in handy for short trips. The insulation lasts for about 2 hours. The insulator also kept the bottle from getting condensation on anything in the bag. It seemed to hold any standard size bottle with no problem. There is a pull string on the top to hold the bottle in. All of these things fit in any one of the large inside pockets.
The main strap on the bag is a wide, black nylon strap. It is very easily adjusted and can be made long enough that I had no problem putting it over the handles of my stroller. Because the strap is so wide, it made it very comfortable to carry without cutting into my shoulder. There are also two skinny straps with clips on the ends just inside the zipper that can be used to hook the bag onto a stroller. These straps could be pulled out of the bag while it is still securely zipped closed. There is also a small carabineer clip inside the bag that came in handy for clipping keys or a favorite toy to make them easy to find.
Overall this is a great bag!! As I said, I was very pleasantly surprised. This bag is not only stylish but very functional. When you are carrying this bag you don’t feel like you are carrying an overstuffed diaper bag. I have had several friends comment on it and all said they would love to borrow it, not that I’m giving it up any time soon. This bag is definitely worth the money. I would recommend it to anyone!
Price: $130
To buy: oioibabybags.com