Oh, dada

By Published On: January 30th, 2017

Well, my intuition served me WRONG! No twins for us! […]

UntitledWell, my intuition served me WRONG! No twins for us! I don’t want to say I am “relieved” because we would welcome any child(ren) into our home, but my wallet is probably sweating fewer bullets.
Aside from the baby bloat, I have been immensely fatigued this go-round, which was a contributing factor to my suspicion of twins. Maybe it’s the fact I have a 6-month-old and am in the first trimester, but I do not remember being this exhausted with my first pregnancy. I’m always down to nap and pretty much always ready to turn in early. The ironic part is that’s pretty much impossible with our little lady. Her sleeping patterns, or lack there of, set the precedence for sleep quality in our home. She’s the boss, and I’m trying to negotiate a little paid time off.
Speaking of being bossy, we wonder what she will be a big sister to—a baby brother or another sister. If I can speak vulnerably, finances definitely play a role in having babies back-to-back. Although we have no preference of gender, we recognize the ease of which another girl would bring. It’s nice to think about sharing clothes and shoes since we just accrued this wardrobe a handful of months ago. They could share a room (space is definitely a resource in which we sometimes feel strapped), maybe share interests and hopefully become great friends. A mom can only hope! A boy would add a totally new dynamic to our entire family (no boys anywhere!), and that’s what showers are for, right?!
I may be doing the heavy lifting, but Matt’s world has been turned into an even more important numbers game. He always thinks in dollars to hours worked, so adding in the diapers, the possible formula, another crib, etc. is nothing to brush off his shoulder. Bless him. He works harder than anyone I know! He’s constantly reminding me his time away is all about provision, as we work and wait to see the details of our future unfold.
To make it a bit sweeter, Bellamy made Matt’s life the other day when she said her first word! We don’t know if she in any way knew what she was saying, but she heard the word “dada” so much she eventually repeated it. We were watching the inauguration Friday afternoon, waiting for Trump to approach the podium (while holding our breath!), when she let out this sigh and said, “Oh, Dada!” We both let out the loudest laugh! It’s an ongoing attempt to get her to say a few words, but “dada” looks like it’s going to stay!
These days, even an easy afternoon drive can seem special when we are all together. In the waiting and expecting of another baby, there is this loud and profound urgency to grip every moment together in the days of this life as we know it now. Our family has gone through so much transition this past year, and 2017 doesn’t seem to be boring in any way, shape or form.
That’s the update! This is where we are at currently. Hopefully in the next post I’ll be able to reveal what we are having! I just had the blood test done today, and we are anxiously awaiting the results. Most think he or she is a “she.” Cast your votes! Till next time, friends!