Oh, baby! It's National Orgasm Day

By Published On: July 31st, 2012

July 31st is National Orgasm Day! Don’t be shy—you’re already […]

July 31st is National Orgasm Day! Don’t be shy—you’re already pregnant!
If you feel like celebrating, you’ll reap the rewards. Orgasms during a normal pregnancy are perfectly safe—even beneficial. They relieve stress, which we all know is not healthy for you or baby. Plus, mamas-to-be experience increased sensation and sensitivity due to increased blood flow to the pelvic region. Much better than morning sickness, right?
In the interest of keeping you informed (smart AND sexy!) we found a few pro-orgasm articles that just might encourage you to hit the sheets…or wherever…
Keep it sexy, sweetie!
Dr. Yvonne Fulbright discusses the often overlooked sexiness of pregnancy, and reveals that pregnant women have the potential to experience multiple orgasms. So fret not—your belly may be growing, but so is your sex appeal!
All about the “O”
This site offers a detailed explanation of the female orgasm during pregnancy and a welcome reminder that no, your baby cannot see you (or your significant other!) during the act.
Say it ain’t so
Nervous about having sex during your pregnancy? Check out these 5 common myths to ease your mind and reclaim your mojo!
Let’s get it on
If you’re eager to celebrate National Orgasm Day but unsure of what moves would work best for your changing body, browse this list of pregnancy-approved positions and let the celebration commence.
Bring it on
Some women are bringing the joys of baby-making into the delivery room with orgasmic childbirth.
Have fun!