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By Published On: January 29th, 2010

Written by: April January 29 2010 As a new mom, […]

Written by: April

As a new mom, creating a truly modern, streamlined nursery has been difficult.

My picture-perfect steel and birch world was turned upside down with the addition of a precious baby boy. My tidy wood floors were quickly covered in an explosion of primary-colored toys, and seemingly overnight, my once Type-A office was converted into a less-than-organized nursery. Don't get me wrong—my little bundle of joy was completely worth all of the small lifestyle changes, but I'd belying if I said that the influx of less-than-good-looking gear didn't stress me out just a little. Then I saw the Oeuf Toy Store.

It's a stunner straight out of the box. The unit is comprised of three rectangular box-like shelves with removable dividers; the dividers slide in and out of the boxes so that you can create up to three separate sections within each shelf. There's also the option to hang the bins perfectly horizontal, making the contents a little more hidden, or at an angle for easy visibility and access. Since our boy is young, we decided to hang the bins at an angle so he could easily see the toys he was reaching for. Oh, and when I say “we” I mean myself and my husband—it definitely takes two people to get the Toy Store put together. However, there is safety in numbers, and with two people working together the shelf takes shape in less than 10 minutes. The finished product is well-proportioned (19L X31W X 41.5H), meaning it's small enough to fit neatly in small spaces, but large enough to contain lots of goodies.

The Toy Store's design mimics the look of European fruit stands—open and airy. It's perfect for organizing and displaying toys, crafts, tools or your grandmother's cutting board collection. In fact, Oeuf suggests the idea of using the Toy Store to keep your kitchen organized, and I'd seriously be tempted to fill it with mixing bowls and martini glasses if it weren't for its uncanny ability to keep the nursery looking neat and tidy (maybe this means I need two?).

Oeuf's shelving unit really is the perfect compromise between my decor and my son's needs. The toys that were once scattered on the floor and shoved under his bed are now neatly contained in the Toy Store. Best of all, the toys are actually easy to keep organized within the unit's divided bins; leggos and hot wheels no longer have to compete for breathing room and my assistance is no longer required to help dig for a long-lost action hero! My only wish is that I had found the Toy Store while my son was an infant because it would have been ultra convenient for keeping up with his collection of diapers, wipes, burp cloths and blankets.

The cost for modern amenities is rarely cheap, and if you think this unit is exactly what you need, it'll cost ya'! For most families a $470 shelf is something that has to be budgeted for. The good news is that if you do decide to take the plunge, the Oeuf Toy Store is exceptionally sturdy and versatile, and will likely survive through the abuse of childhood and go on to last a lifetime. The materials are high quality, and while I've already expressed the extent of its modern appeal, for the lovers of the less-trendy it can also be considered a timeless and dependable heirloom. However you decide to put your Toy Store to use, I'm completely certain it'll become as much of a family favorite within your own home as it has become in mine.

Price: $469
Buy it: ModernNursery.com