Ode to pants…that actually button

By Published On: August 13th, 2012

Written by: Hillary Grigonis August 12 2012 I miss pants […]

Written by: Hillary Grigonis

I miss pants that actually button.

Trying on maternity clothes early in my pregnancy, I thought it was rather humorous that the store provided a little round pillow that was supposed to add four months to your belly—I used it once, just to laugh at myself. Now that some of even my maternity clothes don't fit, I'm not laughing anymore.

I had one pair of maternity pants that both stretched and buttoned—but I can't actually get them to button. Which leaves me with the pants I bought that are topped by stretchy material that goes past my belly button. Sure, they are rather comfy and the extra material helps support my tummy, but they need to be paired with a shirt long enough to hide all the stretchiness.

Which, apparently, is also a problem. I have a few pre-pregnancy shirts that are designed to be flowly that I'm still wearing—you couldn't see the outline of my belly button (which isn't exactly an innie anymore) pre-pregnancy, but they still cover my belly pretty well. But for some reason, some of my maternity shirts are being taken out of my closet before some of the non-maternity ones. Sure, they stretch enough to cover the baby bump, but the detour around my stomach makes them shorter—short enough to show an attractive section of stretchy pants. I was so mad at the last shirt that did that, it promptly landed in the trash.

I should, however, at least be thankful that, for the most part, I'm only getting bigger in my tummy (though my shoes and wedding ring are also a tad tight). My husband was walking behind me the other day when he announced, “Nope, your butt hasn't gotten any bigger.” Umm, thanks, I think. Maybe instead I should just be thankful there's just ten more weeks until D-day, when I can meet my little man and start working on getting back into pants that actually button.