Nursing necessities

By Published On: August 1st, 2015

1.  Itzy Ritzy breastfeeding scarf, $25 You’ll be in fine […]

1.  Itzy Ritzy breastfeeding scarf, $25
You’ll be in fine feather with a chic scarf that doubles as a nursing cover.
2. Birds & Bees Teas lactation tea, $18
Natural herbs keep mama’s milk supply flowing strong.
3. Benbini watch, $99
Slip on handy wrist candy to keep track of feeding times.
4. Milkscreen alcohol test strips for breast milk, $10 for 5
Know when to pump and when to dump.
5. Sarah Wells breast pump bag, $165
With this sleek carryall, no one will know you’ve got a pump in tow.
6. Anna Naturals lactation tea K-cups, $12
You can brew this lactation tea in your Keurig, friends. It doesn’t get easier than that.
7. Bamboobies nursing pads, $35 for 6 pairs
Beat leaks with discreet pads you can use again and again.
8. Kiinde pouches, $8 for 20; organizer, $17
From pump to fridge to bottle, one pouch does it all.
9. Premama Lactation Support Powdered Drink Mix, $17
Mix this doc-approved supplement with water to support healthy milk production.
10. Lansinoh TheraPearl breast therapy packs, $14
Use cold to reduce swelling, hot to ease mastitis or with a pump to encourage letdown.
11. Milkin’ Cookies specialty cookies, from $22 for a two-week supply
A sweet treat that boosts milk production? That’s one smart cookie.
12. Bebe au lait nursing pad pouch, $14
A mini wet and dry bad for reusable nursing pads—genius!