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Little Lark made her world debut last July, and it’s […]

Little Lark made her world debut last July, and it’s since become clear that this colorful and happy room in Weatherford, Texas, is a perfect fit for the giggling girl. Lark’s mom, Emily McCall, a former attorney with a penchant for photography, spills the beans on creating a bold and bright bedroom that keeps the fun in function.

mccallnursery---15She gave it a shot: After selecting the rug, McCall admits that everything else was “pretty much trial and error.” With each new item she brought in, she’d ask, “Hm, how does this look in here?”

McCallBmccallnursery---1On being true to yourself
“I initially had so many ideas swirling around in my head … floral wallpaper with antique furniture, pure white walls with delicate neutral accessories, Hollywood regency glam. But I quickly realized that none of those rooms would be in keeping with the style of the rest of our home, which is pretty consistently modern with white walls, colorful accents and a few vintage pieces scattered throughout for balance. I know it’s not a requirement that all the rooms in your house have [the same] style, but I wanted mine to.”

mccallnursery---5mccallnursery---10mccallnursery---50On going for it
“I love, love, love the cactus crib sheet. It was one of the last things I got for Lark’s room. Honestly, I almost didn’t buy it because the pattern was busy, and I was worried that there was too much going on in the room already. But I decided to take a chance and am so glad I did! The pattern complements the other elements in the room instead of competing with them.”

mccallnursery---33mccallnursery---18The sugar and creamer set belonged to Lark’s great-great-grandmother.

mccallnursery---24mccallAMcCall has “a thing for eyes.” Look for them all around Lark’s room.

mccallnursery---34On accessibility
“We did a lot of things right in my son’s nursery that we’ve continued in Lark’s, like making important things accessible. We keep blankets and burp cloths in a basket by the rocking chair; lotion, hand sanitizer, Vaseline, nail clippers and all that fun stuff are on a pretty tray next to her changing station.”


Photography by Emily McCall