Nursery school: Bowie's room

By Published On: March 1st, 2016

Baby Bowie was welcomed into this sweet retreat in Charleston, […]

Baby Bowie was welcomed into this sweet retreat in Charleston, South Carolina, in October, and thanks to his mom Erin Barrett’s knack for combining clean lines with cozy layers, it’s safe to say he felt at home right away. Barrett, a fiber artist, shares the secrets to the nursery’s light and lively aesthetic.
Barrett-38On being built to last
“Designing a space that could grow with Bowie over time was important
to me, along with sticking to clean and neutral decor.”
Barrett-39BarrettATalk about friends with benefits: Fellow female artists made the tiny cactus banner and dip-dyed tassel mobile.
Barrett-20On when to call it quits
“It was crucial to me that the nursery not be overly decorated. I tend to overstuff every wall and corner when it comes to interiors. His nursery was the first room I worked on when we bought and moved into our new home. I started with the crib and slowly added to the room over a period of about two weeks. Once I felt happy with it, I stopped and didn’t let myself add anymore.”
Barrett-19Bowie’s mom is the talent behind the online shop SunWoven, where she sells her handwoven creations. She made the wall hanging above the crib for Bowie when she was eight months pregnant. 
BarrettCBarrett-24On natural light
“The placement of the windows in the nursery and all of the natural light that pours in really gives the space a fantastic feel. It is so bright and airy during the day, which is exactly what I wanted.”
Barrett-42BarrettBAnother beautiful woven piece (right) from a talented friend.
Barrett-21On new life for old things
“Our changing table is a wonderful Ikea hack that my husband made for me. We had this old dresser that we were thinking of throwing out, but after a little paint and new hardware, it is so beautiful! It’s now one of my favorite parts of the nursery.”