Nursery fun

By Published On: December 23rd, 2011

Written by: Tracy December 23 2011 Nesting is such a […]

Written by: Tracy

Nesting is such a crazy phenomenon. I went from barely dusting my house in the first and second trimesters, to literally scrubbing my baseboards with a toothbrush this week. It’s the strangest thing. It comes on like a ton of bricks and you feel forced to clean everything in site as if you were some sort of mop-wielding superhero.

We are currently in the process of preparing our house for Braxton’s arrival and the most exciting part has been the idea of setting up his nursery. It turns out the idea is still fun, but the actual process has been daunting and filled with its fair share of problems.

Our first issue is space. When we first moved from Raleigh, we condensed our four-bedroom house there into our two-bedroom townhouse here in Atlanta. That was quite a feat. I was proud of my accomplishment in downsizing. We actually fit it all in the new place thanks to our rather large attic. But now we have to take our guest room/office and turn it into the nursery. Meaning the current guest room furniture has to relocate to the attic and the current office has to make it’s way into our living room. For the past two weeks that’s been our project—rearranging.

Our second issue is time. I thought if I started the nursery prep project two months before my due date, that I would have plenty of time to perfect all the details. I didn’t take in account the holiday. With the hustle and bustle of the season comes parties, guests, deadlines and little to no time for nursery decor. Somewhere in between sending out Christmas cards, finishing the gift wrapping and spreading around holiday cheer, I have to figure out a game plan to squeeze in the painting and the putting together and the washing of little tiny baby clothes.

Nesting can make a mama-to-be feel crazy too. The other night, I stood in Braxton’s soon-to-be room, hand on hip, clothes frumpled and bangs disheveled trying to convince Brack that if we didn’t clean everything out of his room at that very moment that I might just die. That sweet Brack tried lovingly to convince me that 30 minutes was not exactly enough time to put together a whole nursery. (We had dinner plans with another couple that night.) His blue eyes won me over and I surrendered to the fact that he was perhaps right. Standing there in our dinner clothes with a reservation in half an hour wasn’t exactly ideal timing on my part. The nesting bird inside me didn’t seem to care and I still felt the urge to purge for quite a time later. Halfway through dinner, I was able to let it go.

Luckily, I am blessed with the best family in the world. Brack’s parents are coming in over the next few weekends to help us paint the walls and organize the baby furniture. My parents and my aunt and uncle are coming down to help with all the finishing touches like washing the baby clothes, putting together the baby gear and helping to get all the final things we need ready. I am so thankful for our families and I really couldn’t do it without them.

So, that’s where we are right now on our nursery process. If this little guy was to come today, he definitely wouldn’t have a room but at least, he would have a whole lot of love.

Lots of love,