By Published On: June 12th, 2014

As a mom that is generally oblivious to differences between […]

As a mom that is generally oblivious to differences between baby products, I can honestly say that Nuna SENA play yard/travel bed is a high quality, worthwhile piece of equipment. It is such a luxury compared to our old clunky play yard.
To set it up, you don’t have to follow a bunch of steps or listen for all kinds of clicks. It actually does just fold up when you push it together.
It is stylish with its sleek zigzag design and vibrant fabric made from organic cotton. My favorite part of the SENA is its soft quilted mattress. While it is firm for safety, it is very comfortable and padded in comparison to other travel cribs we have used.
The SENA is nice and roomy as well, and I’m sure my 12-month-old will use it for at least another year. It’s also sturdy so I don’t have to worry about it moving around when placing my daughter inside or getting her out.
The SENA’s large size makes it heavy but portable, and it comes with a nice red duffel bag it can fold into easily. While we use it mainly as a bed, it would work well as a play yard, too. Its mesh fabric allows you to see your little one sleeping or playing. There is excellent air circulation, but it is elevated from the floor so it isn’t drafty.
Our daughter doesn’t need the bassinet portion, which attaches and removes easily, but we think it’s pretty nifty that it can fold with the frame into one piece.
Although the price is a little on the high side, it’s a worthwhile investment for a high-quality, portable travel bed and play yard that you could potentially use for up to three years.
Price: $200
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