By Published On: August 29th, 2013

Stroller shopping can be a bit intimidating and a lot […]

Stroller shopping can be a bit intimidating and a lot like car buying—comfort, affordability, ability to maneuver and safety are main concerns. Choices seem to be endless. The Nuna PEPP is a refreshing single-passenger find as it is simple, sleek, and extremely easy to use at first try.
The first thing I noticed was how light the shipping box was. I was shocked that a stroller could be in there while also very pleased at the thought of being able to travel with ease! Assembly is minimal—the stroller comes in a completely flat, compact shape. This feature is fantastic for fitting in smaller vehicles, public transportation and even a small closet. It is able to stand on end or flat while folded. Once in its storage location, it’s very easy to pack other items around it. To unfold the stroller, it only requires a single hand—especially nice for those with multiple little ones. With the pull of levers on each side, the stroller pops open and locks in place. Simple! The handle length is adjustable to fit various heights and for storage. Assembly of the canopy was as easy as snapping it into place, making for easy removal as well. When together, it has a very modern, simple appeal. The quality of the fabric is very durable and easy to clean. All components appear reassuringly sturdy. To refold, the process is as quick as pulling two locks and collapsing. Velcro straps are on each side of the folded stroller to fasten for a secure hold.
The seat is soft and cushy without being unstable for your child. It has multiple recline positions extending to a full recline for newborns to toddlers or up to 50 pounds. The harness is simple to adjust, has extra padding to avoid irritation and extends to handle the toddler stage. The footrest raises and lowers by pushing a button on each side of the seat. The canopy is large but not too big and has a small peek-a-boo window. A small area beneath the stroller fits small items but is not large enough to stow a good-sized diaper bag. Worry of a flat tire is absent with plastic wheels.
Nuna-PEPP-1The stroller’s overall maneuverability is exceptional—it turns on a dime and is so lightweight that it’s easy control with one hand. The back wheels lock in place by pressing a brake located between the back wheels and is easy to handle using your foot. The front wheels also lock individually by pressing a small brake on each. The stroller handles both grass and light gravel rather effortlessly—refreshing for trips to the park! It would not be your choice as a jogging stroller as the shape would interfere with stride. Another bonus is the adapter for completion of a travel system with the Nuna PIPA car seat or various other compatible seats. With one quick snap, the car seat locks into the adapter. It is a very sturdy and stable fit. The car seat and stroller look great together as a travel system.
The stroller is available in either solid black or scarlet—both attractive choices. The price point is inline with most comparable styles at $300, which I feel is very reasonable for the quality and ability to use with both a newborn through toddler stages. Also available to purchase are accessories like a footmuff, raincover, and seat liner. The only change I would consider would be greater storage space beneath the stroller for odds and ends, as well as a parent console to stash small items. Overall, I feel that the style and functionality was thoroughly thought through. It’s a great stroller for those who are in the city or suburbs and on the go, often with their hands full.
Price: $300
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