By Published On: December 19th, 2012

If Apple were to design a baby seat, it might […]

If Apple were to design a baby seat, it might look a lot like the Nuna LEAF. It’s undeniably modern, technologically fresh and yet so simple to operate. Minimalistic. Intuitive. Effective.
nuna leafThe LEAF is set apart from other baby seats by two unique characteristics. First, its side-to-side swinging movement is irresistibly soothing (at least to my baby tester); it’s a natural, fluid motion I haven’t seen in any other infant seat. And second, this fella is quiet with a capital Q. Give it a gentle push, and the Leaf will glide side to side, motor-free. That means no batteries, no cords, no plugs. (If the name “Leaf” and the “certified organic” sticker didn’t say “earth friendly” to you, maybe the kinetic power source will!)
Assembly? Simple. There are two pieces—a very lightweight seat and a heavier, sturdy, three-legged base—that click together.
Care? Easy. There are two fabric components (both certified organic), the plush pad on top and the main piece underneath, made of breathable mesh. Both layers are easily removed and machine washable. Line dry.
Operation? Basic. Flip the one switch from stationary to operative, give the seat a nudge, and baby will glide smoothly. I would like to say that the chair continues to glide as you step away and attend to other matters, but that wasn’t the case for me. Just like a glider, the seat does need to be propelled by human movement, so you’ll need to be setting it back in motion every minute or so. (Maybe a wigglier baby could keep the chair moving himself? My newborn tester didn’t move much.)
Tested to support up to 130 pounds, the LEAF is also intended to grow with baby. The instructions say to use it in “Stage 1” while baby is little and will tolerate being Velcroed into the waist harness without climbing out, and in “Stage 2” when your child is ready to sit in it as a chair, without the harness. (Basically, the seat would not be used from the time baby learns to sit up to the time he begins to walk. Then it becomes usable again, recommended up to 57 pounds.)
My 2-year-old and 5-year-old are actually drawn to the LEAF—they take turns relaxing in it and swaying to and fro. And as long as they sit in it properly, they are well supported and comfortable. When our new baby comes along, they’re going to have some competition!
Price: $230
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