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I was 36-weeks pregnant when the package arrived on our […]

I was 36-weeks pregnant when the package arrived on our doorstep, and I could hardly wait to take our new Nuna DEMI Grow stroller for a spin. Thrilled to receive the stroller but too impatient to wait for my husband to get home from work, I hastily opened the box. To be entirely honest, I wouldn’t consider myself handy. When we put together furniture from IKEA, I usually let my husband do the heavy lifting, and I just lend an extra hand as needed. To my delight, the Nuna DEMI Grow comes assembled for the most part. The instructions were well labeled and straightforward, and putting on the finishing touches was a breeze. I popped on the wheels, and I was ready to do doughnuts in the driveway. My husband and I loved the design. Pushing the stroller around immediately prompted two big smiles as we admired the smooth handling. The Nuna DEMI Grow turns seamlessly and provides a comfortable ride for its precious little passengers. The two front wheels can lock in place for added control on uneven surfaces or swivel should you find yourself on the dance floor (or tight aisles at the supermarket). The stroller also has a custom dual suspension, which can be adjusted for rough or smooth terrain.
Full disclosure: My husband and I are not people who diligently read instructional manuals. (We did in this case, in order to write a thorough review.) Even so, we were pleasantly surprised at the overall intuitive design of the Nuna DEMI Grow. Adjustment buttons, levers, and locks are well placed. Numerous features have one-touch adjustment such as the seat reclining, calf support, and rear wheel braking system. The handle can be easily adjusted to four positions depending on your height. The seat can be placed in either a forward or rear facing position. The seat has multiple positioning options with three-position recline and two-position calf support, so your little one can be comfortably seated, supine, or somewhere in between (think poolside lounge chair). The five-point harness will keep baby snug and secure, and the one-click release button will make getting out a cinch.
The collapsible canopy gives partial sun coverage (50+ ultraviolet protection factor) and includes a flip-out eyeshade and a mesh window with a magnetic cover, so you can quietly check in on your our baby. You can even pull down the dream drape (fans of the Nuna Pipa car seat will be glad to know this much-loved feature is also on the stroller!) to provide extended shade if that midday walk turns into naptime. The stroller seat can also be adjusted to accommodate warmer weather. You can remove the cushioned winter seat pad and use the underlying mesh seating area for improved ventilation to keep baby cool.
We also got the bassinet (sold separately) to use with our newborn. (Spoiler alert: He loves it as much as we do!) The bassinet clicks right into the stroller, and has a handy dream drape of its own for cozy naps away from home. Speaking of shuteye, the bassinet is also approved for overnight sleeping, a real boon for travel or a stay at the grandparents’ house. The mattress is machine washable, which is a relief after diaper disasters. 
At the base of the stroller, there’s a very large storage basket that’s accessible from both the front and back and could easily fit your diaper bag, water bottle, and even a handful of groceries (anything up to 10 pounds). The stroller is compact and folds effortlessly, even with the seat attached and facing forward. Because the seat can be folded with the base, it makes storing both simple and convenient. The Nuna DEMI Grow weighs in at 27.4 pounds, which is slightly heavier than others I’ve used, but I could easily load the stroller into our car by myself. The sturdier weight makes sense when you consider one of the DEMI Grow’s biggest selling points … 
In case you have another little one come along soon after, the Nuna DEMI Grow can be converted to a double or twin stroller by adding a second seat, making it an excellent stroller choice for a growing family. You can’t plan for everything, but even if you did, you would likely get the Nuna DEMI Grow. Overall, the aesthetics, functionality and performance of the stroller has surpassed all of our expectations.
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