Nuk Easy Flow Single Electric Breast Pump

By Published On: July 31st, 2011

Written by: Katie July 31 2011 I love this little […]

Written by: Katie

I love this little gem of a pump!

When we’re on the go, I can breastfeed my daughter naturally and then use the Nuk Easy Flow Single Electric Breast Pump to express any leftovers to maintain my milk supply without lugging around a big ol' machine.

Of course, it can be used for only one breast at a time. Though it would be nice to be able to pump both breasts at once, I love that it's small. I can carry it around with me in a compact bag, my diaper bag or even an oversized purse. I use a double electric pump at home, but take this one with me when I’m out and about. Sometimes my daughter just won't latch well and I need to get the milk out quickly and into a bottle to feed her, and this pump is perfect for that. I’ve even been known to use it in the car!

I use the plug-in option most of the time, but I have tried the battery power and found both were similar—at least at first. I could tell after a few days the batteries were losing some juice, so I just plugged the pump back in, and it was good to go. During my initial week with the pump, I wasn't making much milk and I could finish pumping relatively quickly—even though I had to pump one breast at a time. It was awesome! Something else that is awesome? I can unscrew the pump and make a bottle using a nipple attachment that came with the pump. It makes it easy for my husband to participate in feeding our daughter, which is really important to him. Another plus is the noise output: This pump is quiet, a great feature for a mom with a sleeping babe in the next room.

One thing to consider if you purchase this pump: It can hurt a little to pump when your breasts get larger and you get more milk in. I found that if I used a little lotion on the “cone” section of the pump, it makes releasing my breast from the pump far easier.

Overall, I’d say that this pump is very portable, does the job, and is quite useful—especially as a back-up/on-the-go option!

Price: $60
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