North States 3 in 1 Wood Superyard

By Published On: November 8th, 2010

Written by: Candace November 07 2010 There comes a time […]

Written by: Candace

There comes a time in every child’s life when the inevitable happens: They become mobile. My son wasn’t much of a crawler, but he had the heart of a lion when it came to learning how to walk. I held his hands and helped him totter around the house and the park until finally one day, when he was a little over 10 months old, he started walking on his own. Sadly, he hasn't sat down since. Many times I have asked myself what in the world I was thinking, looking so forward to him learning to walk. Things were so much easy when he happily played in his exersaucer or cooed in his bouncer, but now he is everywhere!

I soon realized that if I was ever going to shower or cook dinner again I was going to need a little assistance. Enter the North States Superyard. This product has absolutely saved my life. Well, maybe that’s a little extreme, but I am able to shower in peace and I no longer have Charlie holding onto my pants legs as I try to scramble up a meal.

Here are the details: The Superyard is made of wood and has a very reliable, sturdy door that opens and closes easily enough for me, but would be nearly impossible for Charlie to open. It has padded feet that protect delicate floors from scratching. It can be set up to stand independently or can be bolted to the wall to create a larger play area (I’m thinking about setting one up around our Christmas tree this year). It is very easy to set up if you don't plan to bolt it to the wall and is lightweight enough to move from room to room. My husband was also able to quite easily attach ours to the wall of the playroom in about an hour.

This is one of those products that I wish we had gotten sooner. It would have been very handy to have when Charlie was scooting around or even when he was really tiny and I was just a nervous wreck about everything. I can see having the Superyard out and ready in the first couple of months of our next child’s life.

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