Nom nom baby food

By Published On: April 1st, 2013

We have an eater in our midst! That’s right, our […]

040113aim-featureWe have an eater in our midst! That’s right, our little Isaac is moving on up to solids. When I first offered him a spoonful of rice cereal, he wasn’t so sure, but it didn’t take long before he was sold. Now, you can barely get the bib on him and the spoon in his mouth fast enough. You have to shovel pretty quickly to keep him happy!  He even does this cute thing where he tries to “talk” to you while you feed him. Always with a mouthful, of course.
(A note about the photo in this post: I used to find it a little nauseating when moms would post picture of their kids with cereal all over their faces. Apparently, I’m one of them now, because Isaac is just way too cute with his cereal all over his face! If you’re grossed out, too bad!  Ha!)
It will still be a few weeks, as we work our way through the cereals, but I’m really looking forward to introducing him to fruits and veggies. I think it will be amazing to see what he is drawn to. They are going to taste amazing after all that bland cereal. (Have you tried that stuff?) I’m hoping he likes lots of variety, because having a picky eater kind of scares me.
My first thought was that I’d make some of his food myself, but after talking to some friends, I’m torn. Some say it’s easy peasy, others claim it’s nowhere near worth the time it takes. It seems simple enough, but time is a pretty hot commodity around here lately.  I’m thinking I’ll end up somewhere in the middle, making some, and buying the rest.
Have you made your own baby food? Any tips or thoughts on the subject would be much appreciated!