No sleep, no name, new car

By Published On: February 29th, 2016

You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times […]

0207161635You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times to describe a great night of sleep: “I slept like a baby.” HA!

I’ll admit, we’ve been fortunate—both boys are pretty good sleepers and have been since they were born. But the phrase ‘slept like a baby’ is ridiculous.

In the months following birth, a baby’s day goes something like this: sleep, eat, poop. However, the frequency of said activities and order of occurrence are completely random, but that’s basically their life on a continuous loop. And I am totally looking forward to it. (NOTE TO SELF: Re-read this when you’re complaining about lack of sleep in three months.)

We’ve been out of that non-sleep cycle roughly one year but will be right back in it in a few weeks. Sleepless nights. Uncertainty as to why D3 is crying.

You might notice I’m still using D3, yup, we’re no closer to a name. I feel like we keep poring over the same 20-something names but refuse to whittle the list down. It’ll happen.

0201161728You know what we did settle on? A new car! We didn’t exactly settle. I didn’t, anyway. I went to the Nissan dealership with my father—because he’s a ruthless negotiator—and got a pretty good deal on a 2015 Pathfinder, complete with third-row seating, thus allowing us to cross one thing off our to-do list.

L didn’t even see the car nor did she expect me to sign the papers when we went, but I texted her that she was going to be cruising around in a Pathfinder. Compared to the CR-V, this thing’s a beast. It’s so much roomier all around, from the space between the car seats in the second row to the legroom behind the front seat (which is important for parents when you’ve got an angry child kicking the back of the seat) to the cargo space with the third-row both up and down.

The gas mileage is roughly 19 mpg, which is to be expected, especially since we’re using it more so around town than highway.

N is looking forward to having a row all to himself but first we’ve gotta get a five-point-harness booster seat for the third-row because there are no lower anchors back there. He needs a new car seat anyway, might as well upgrade this month since Babies “R” Us is having their 25 percent off trade-in event. It ends in a few days, so I need to head over there.

Pregnancy Update:

Nine weeks! We’re freakin’ nine weeks away from introducing another boy to the brood. It’s exciting and terrifying. N is stoked, or so it seems: “Mom, I can’t wait for this baby to get here. He’s gonna be so impressed with where we live.” Ummm, yeah sure, our modest house in rural Connecticut. He’ll be super excited. I’m excited to see his unbridled enthusiasm towards another little brother, because as every parent to multiples knows, bumps and bruises aren’t always accidental.

L is doing well, having her Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea (or a different varietal) every night. On nights I don’t work, I actually have been enjoying some tea as well, which is a change for me.