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I love handbags. Tote, cross body, clutch … I love […]

I love handbags. Tote, cross body, clutch … I love them all. Since becoming a mom, though, the excitement of picking out what bag to carry has definitely dwindled. Let’s be honest: Nothing screams, “I’m a mom!” more than a diaper bag. Of course, I carry my diaper bag whenever I leave the house with my little one, but I often take it even when I run out on my own because it’s easier than transferring everything I need into a purse.

It’s important to me to have a bag that is functional but that also looks stylish. As far as I’m concerned, the best compliment you can get about a diaper bag is “That doesn’t look like a diaper bag!” And with the Newlie Louise, that is exactly the comment you will receive.

The exterior is an easy to clean black nylon, which is accented with leather and matte gold hardware. The bag measures about 14 inches across, so it is a nice size for my 5’3” frame.

For convenience, the bag can be carried in a variety of ways. Handles are a beautiful smooth leather that feels luxurious and durable. You can use these handles to carry by hand or hook them over your arm. The long strap can be attached as a backpack or switched to a cross body option. The strap attaches to a Velcro loop, which makes switching from a backpack to cross body quick and easy.

NewlieLouise2Having the option to wear the bag is a backpack was particularly appealing to me because it’s extremely convenient to have my hands completely free when shopping or chasing after my little one. It’s even great when I’m wearing my daughter in the baby carrier, too—she’s on my front, and the bag’s on my back. They kind of even each other out!

The exterior has two side zipper pockets and a front pocket, which is ideal to throw keys or cell phone into. The bag has a hard base, so it stands up nicely on its own. This is very helpful as you load items into the bag as well as search for a pacifier or snack while holding a crying baby.

The interior of the bag is a nice nude tone, which aids in making it easy to locate items—it’s not one big dark hole to search through! When you first look into the bag, you’ll notice four side pockets as well as a larger zipper with insulation (great for bottles!) and side pocket where the changing pad fits. The side pouches are nice and fit a surprising amount of items. The depth of them, however, took me a little getting used to as things can get hidden under other items. The changing pad is a nice large size compared to other diaper bag-included changing pads that I’ve seen.

Overall I really love the look and function of this amazing diaper bag.

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