New year, new goals

By Published On: January 1st, 2016

1. If this pretty planner can’t help me achieve organizational […]

1. If this pretty planner can’t help me achieve organizational nirvana, I’m a lost cause.
Lauren, Executive Editor
Rifle Paper Co. planner, $34
2. Ever wonder what would happen if you prioritized sleep for 365 days? I’ll keep you posted.
Steph, Creative Director
Plum Pretty Sugar eye mask, $12
3. I’m giving up worrying once and for all.
Lacey, Editor in Chief
People I’ve Loved letterpressed print, $30
4. I always feel like I’m behind in the tech world, but I’m determined to take advantage of all the cool things the latest gadgets can do.
Mayuko, Photographer
Apple watch, from $349
5. Eat more veggies! That goes for me and my kids.
Ginny, Contributing Editor
Oeuf broccoli pillow, $130
6. My mantra for the year: “Move it and lose it.” (The baby weight, that is.)
Tanya, Blogger
Cake Maternity nursing sports bra, $80
7. I’m going to actually read some of the books on my coffee table. I know even my babies will enjoy looking at the pretty pictures.
Jillian, Contributor
Chronicle Books travel book, $20
8. There’s a whole wide world out there, and I’m determined to explore it.
Shea, Fashion & Style Editor luggage tag, $10
9. “Just wallpaper the breakfast nook already” is at the top of my 2016 list.
Chantel, Associate Editor
Chasing Paper removable wallpaper, $35 per panel