My new best friend

By Published On: June 13th, 2014

News flash—chiropractors are like bone cracking miracle workers during pregnancy. […]

IMG_4921News flash—chiropractors are like bone cracking miracle workers during pregnancy. I only wish I knew it sooner. I muscled through three and a half pregnancies with crazy lower back pain, figuring it was just part of the deal. And then, seven months into pregnancy number four, I learned about the existence of prenatal chiropractors. I know, I know, chiropractor—you love ’em or you hate ’em. I don’t think a properly aligned spine will make you smarter and smooth your wrinkles, or whatever it is they promise, but I can tell you this – my chiropractor fixes my lower back up but good.
I don’t know if it’s the way I carry these little buns around—like I’m smuggling a basketball—or if it’s because I taught cardio kickboxing three days a week up until last Saturday, but oy, my aching back! I was complaining about it to my cousin, mother of—wait for it—eight, and she said her weekly chiropractor visits were always a lifesaver.
Say what?
I jumped online to double check that prenatal chiropractic care is actually a thing, asked my trusty Facebook friends for a referral and ended up with an appointment for the same week. My chiropractor, a young, hip mom of three, gave me the spiel about loosening ligaments and the dire effects they can have on the hips and spine. She explained about modifications to keep my baby safe, and then she proceeded to do a number on me in a few places—my neck, my hips on both sides, a spot or two in my spine. It’s no massage, I won’t lie, but the next day I rolled out of bed feeling significant improvement. I’ve kept up my weekly visits since with one exception thanks to a household of sick kiddos. The difference was miserably clear, and I hobbled back to her office doing the ol’ pirate walk because my hips were so screwy, one of my legs was actually longer than the other.
If you’re fortunate enough to have minimal or no back pain (Is that possible? Don’t tell me if it is), an adjustment prior to delivery is still a smart move. My doc (and, um, Google) explained that as those ligaments loosen, your pelvis can twist and narrow the birth canal. And since you want that puppy as wide as possible, adjustments beforehand can widen the pelvic bones and loosen the pelvic muscles, making for an easier delivery. An easier delivery! So call the chiropractor already and get ready to meet your new best friend.