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By Published On: October 13th, 2014

It happened. My sweet little boy turned 1! We’ve survived […]

It happened. My sweet little boy turned 1!
We’ve survived the first year, and I’ve lived to tell the tale week after week with you, dear readers. Pregnancy & Newborn’s “Knocked Up” and “Adventures in Motherhood” blogs allowed me to connect with so many women. IMG_1071-22When I tentatively shared my pregnancy in the first blog post, admitting fear of a second miscarriage, you rallied around to offer support and share your experiences with me. When I was overwhelmed with possibility creating our registry, so many moms reached out to recommend their favorite baby products.
Once Rowan arrived, the support continued. You cheered me on as I got the hang of breastfeeding and offered empathy while I struggled with sleep deprivation. You commiserated over how hard it is to make other mommy friends. You let me know that as isolated as I may feel sometimes, I’m not alone because the tribe of mothers understands and relates.
Of course, some readers judged a few of my parenting decisions. For example, crying it out or letting the dog be close with the baby isn’t right for all families; we made decisions based on what would work for ours. And I’ll admit, after harsh criticisms, I briefly second-guessed what I should share in subsequent posts. But then, who would that serve? Editing myself based on a small pool of moms would hinder my connection to the ones who make this blog so wonderful.
So, I continued to share the mundane moments and the major milestones of our family. From the novel, newborn days to the trying, toddler ones, I’ve had this outlet to help me navigate my way as a mother. You’ve read, you’ve reached out, and it’s meant a lot to this newbie.
Thank you for being such a huge part of my transition to motherhood. Rowan’s first steps could happen at any moment. And his temper tantrums are likely around the corner as well. My adventures in motherhood may be over for Pregnancy & Newborn readers, but in many ways, my adventures are just beginning.