Nesting: The urge to purge

By Published On: January 17th, 2013

Written by: Z. Briggs January 16 2013 Chad and I […]

Written by: Z. Briggs

Chad and I returned home from a wonderful holiday break in Western NY. We unloaded the car, brought everything up the two flights of stairs, and then collapsed for the night. The drive is about 7 hours from his parents’ home and by the time we got in, we were ready for bed. The next day when we awoke, we looked at our pile of newly acquired fun things in the middle of our living room. Where are we going to put things? Well, I guess some things have to go. And so it began. Welcome, 2013—goodbye, stuff.
At the very beginning of my pregnancy in August we had really done quite a bit as far as making room in our apartment for the baby, but now that it’s January, the reality of our timeline is really hitting the both of us. For a while now we would say—yeah we’ll do that in January. Or yeah, once the holidays are over in January we’ll get to that. And now, here we are. JANUARY! I have about 2 months left to go and it seems like there is so much to do. Ack!
We both got to work and did our best, making piles for the exodus of our things. Books and DVDs to the library, clothes and housewares to the Goodwill, tools and craft supplies to our puppet studio, and a small pile of select things that we’ll put on Craigslist or Ebay. Two days of intense cleaning later and I’m proud to say that the apartment has never felt better. We packed everything into our car (yes, we are of the rare breed of New Yorkers that has a car) and brought everything to its appropriate destination. That’s one BIG thing checked off of the To Do list. Yay! Amazingly, I actually think we have less things in our apartment now, than when we moved in six years ago. Our thoroughly emptied baby room is now ready for all the stuff that has been waiting in the crib. Next step? Painting. Chad and I have picked out colors, and he has said that he’ll begin that project in the next few days.
As for me, overall I’ve been feeling quite good. I’m 31 weeks and have just started to get a little uncomfortable. No stretch marks so far (knock on wood) and I’m happy to report that my weight gain has maintained its slow and steady rate. I got to see my Midwife the other day and she said I was right on track, and that everything is looking great, which I’m so glad to hear.
Now it’s off to work on crossing some more things off of our list. Slowly but surely, we’ll be ready by the time our little one makes an appearance.