Nesting: Doing more with less

By Published On: December 8th, 2010

Written by: Sheri December 08 2010 I was reading one […]

Written by: Sheri

I was reading one of my favorite mom blogs last week when I can across a post about doing more with less.

I’ve read a similar message many times, but this one particularly resonated with me, especially this part:

Every time we’ve added a child to our family, my instinct is to clear out our space, to get rid of gear and simplify wherever possible. It probably has something to do with making mental space for this new person in my life.

That is exactly how I feel right now.It also probably explains why in the past month I’ve made three trips to drop off donations at Salvation Army, posted about a dozen for-sale ads on Craigslist, and sold a bunch of kid clothes and house goods at a local consignment shop.

I’ll admit – I have some apprehension about juggling life with two kids. The closer it gets, the more it seems like a completely different challenge than caring for just one.I feel like having less stuff to manage will give me more time to spend taking care of these little people who depend on me for so much.

So we’re clearing out toys that don’t get played with often, baby gear that we didn’t really use the first time around, and relics from our previous larger home that don’t fit into this one.It’s strange to be doing all of this as the holidays approach, but every time I take something else out of the house, it feels like such a relief.

Speaking of the holidays, we’re taking a slimmed down approach to Christmas gifts as well this year.Aaron is getting three toys from Santa: some cars and tracks for his wooden train set, a music player, and a set of blocks.(Even that looks like a lot when I type it.) Other than that, he’ll get a stocking full (mostly) of things that he needs: socks, winter mittens and long johns, to name a few. And a set of flannel sheets from mom and dad for his new big boy bed. We’ve hung out stockings and a few Christmas quilts made by old family friends.We’ll put up a Christmas tree, and that should do it for decorations this year.

By the time our little girl arrives, I know this urge to clean out our stuff will have passed, and I can focus on all of those fun newborn moments that slip by way too quickly.In the meantime, is anyone in the market for an artificial Christmas tree?