Ness The Eli Bag

By Published On: July 4th, 2012

Sometimes there comes a bag that just clicks, similar to […]

Sometimes there comes a bag that just clicks, similar to making a new friend without any adjustment period—only good times. That’s exactly how I felt when I met my new partner in crime: Eli. Funny how the handbag I’ve always wanted came in the form of a diaper bag. Unexpected for sure, but hey universe you really know what you’re doing! Ness creates diaper bags that best fit young moms who don’t want to sacrifice style for function. It’s so nice to see a diaper bag that doesn’t scream baby in tow or produce a hideous clashing effect with my usual wardrobe. In fact, I’ve had a number of friends (including my much more fashionable sister) ask where to get this bag because “they’ve always wanted one like it,” and they don’t even have babies!
0704grhomeBut even with all the style contained in this carryall, there are some notable practical features that make me wonder how I ever got along without Eli in my life. First of all, the entire bag is water resistant and can be easily cleaned—a feat considering the exterior is a fairly convincing faux leather. For a second I thought it was real but after a water bottle spill that wiped up immediately, Eli’s true identity was quickly revealed. That sneaky devil. Outside are two small pockets which mostly add to the fun vintage look of the bag but can also serve as a good place for quickly stowing lip-gloss and a bracelet or two. The whole front of the bag functions as a deep pocket with a magnetic closure—perfect for medium sized items you need within quick reach like some spare burp cloths, a wipes case, a tube of diaper cream, or all of the above. Inside there are two elastic pockets for bottles and on the opposite side one big elastic pouch for storing bigger items (think extra baby outfit or to-go food containers for snacks). There’s no fold-up changing pad included, but there’s enough room to store your favorite one inside. Super insider secret: This bag has an awesome unintended (at least I think) feature that instantly added to my swoon factor. The magnetic closure from the front pocket is strong enough to magnetically hold my keys inside the bag. This may not apply to ladies who have chunky chains or a janitor’s amount of keys, but for my medium-sized collection the magnet works surprisingly well. Gone are my frustrating days of key hunting and the shuffling of anything you’re carrying that ensues.
Overall, I’ve found the Eli bag suits day trips best—like a lunch outing with some girlfriends, a quick trip to the park, or my weekly (make that daily) trip to the grocery store. This bag wasn’t designed to do it all. Instead, Eli gives me enough room to fit all the essentials without weighing me down during my time out and about. The slouchy feel keeps the bag comfortable at my side, and I love that I can wear it four different ways. You can either grab the short handles and carry as a handbag, use the long strap to carry on your shoulder, cross the long strap over and carry as messenger, or clip the long strap to the loop on the back and make it a backpack. I prefer messenger because it’s the easiest way to keep my hands free. But like I said, my favorite part of sporting Eli is telling everyone who compliments my tote that it’s a diaper bag. No really, it’s a diaper bag. (They usually ask twice.)
P.S. If you’re looking for a fit-everything diaper bag rather than a just-essentials pack like Eli, Ness has a pretty cool design called the Mamie.
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