Ness Mamie

By Published On: September 19th, 2012

I would not by any means call myself a fancy […]

I would not by any means call myself a fancy girl. But when it comes to the bags I carry, I like to have a little oomph to help out my unfanciness, if you know what I mean. So as I was looking for a diaper bag to heft around with baby number three, I kept my eye out for something that was a little different, plenty big, but a good-looking bag most of all.
Enter the Ness Mamie. I never thought I would use the words ‘luxurious’ and ‘functional’ in the same sentence (let alone in a sentence about a diaper bag), but the Ness Mamie is exactly that: a gorgeous diaper tote with smart details like a cooler that zips on to the bottom of the bag, various strap options and customizable dividers to keep things (truly!) organized inside.
Ness-MamieA little bit more about those dividers:I have owned many a bag (both diaper and non) in my lifetime, and I like my bags roomy. But the one downfall of big bags is that you’re always losing your stuff!Cell phone? Digging for 10 minutes. Pacifier? It’s in here somewhere … Chapstick? Forget about it. So when I saw the inside of the Mamie for the first time, I said, “Yes!” Because they really got it right.
Check it out:

Really, so very simple, but so very brilliant. You can put bottles in your bag and they’ll stay upright (though you’ll likely use the cooler attached to the bottom for those … more on that in a bit), you can have a section dedicated to mom-only things like lipstick and granola bars, and best of all, unlike flimsy side pockets, the stand-up sections mean everything is visible immediately when you open your bag. It’s a game-changer, I’m telling you.
The other feature of this bag that separates it from the rest is the detachable cooler on the bottom. I know what you’re thinking—say what? Here’s what I’m talking about. See the zippered part just under the buckle?

Simply undo the strap and voila:an insulated cooler for your milk bags, snacks, etc.

So with a bag that’s big enough for a pump (once the dividers are removed) and a cooler on the bottom, it’s a great take-to-work bag, if you’re a working mom who doesn’t want to leave the fancy bag with baby all day.
One caveat:this bag isBIG, especially with the cooler attached. I like my bags big, but know going in that you’re getting a hefty load. It does, however, come with two different strap options—the tote straps (always attached) and a messenger length strap (removable).
Perhaps one of the greatest things about this bag is that a percentage of all its sales go to Mamie’s Poppy Plates, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide tangible mementos to families who suffer stillbirth or infant loss.
All in all, this bag is one to consider. It also comes in grey, purple and taupe, and always adds some fancy, even for those of us who walk around with perpetual spit-up on our shoulders.
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