Natural Mat: The Latex Mat

By Published On: June 7th, 2010

Written by: Ginny June 06 2010 Who knew there was […]

Written by: Ginny

Who knew there was so much to learn about mattresses? Before planning my registry, all I'd really heard about crib mattresses was that they should be (a) new and (b) firm.

Now that I've seen what's out there in the wide (global) world of crib mats, I feel guilty for bedding my toddler upon a cheapie synthetic mattress for the last three years!

This particular mattress- The Latex Mat from British company Natural Mat- is handmade in Devon, UK using only the finest organic materials. In fact, all Natural Mat mattresses are certified 100 percent organic:no chemicals or synthetic materials whatsoever. The materials that are included promise awesome benefits:

  • Pure cotton (cover) is breathable and chemical-free (and washable!).
  • Lambswool provides ventilation and insulation; it's also bathed in lemon, lavendar and eucalyptus to deter dust mites.
  • Organic coconut coir is breathable and supportive.
  • Natural latex foam is springy and hypoallergenic. (For some reason, I had always thought of latex as a synthetic material, but this latex is made from the sap of the rubber tree- cool!)

The standard size mattress is fairly firm but also comfy and springy. The company reports that all moms interviewed stated that their babies slept better on Natural Mat mattresses than on other mattresses. I'm seriously excited to witness it working its wonders with my new little guy.

It's also worth noting that Natural Mat is a super eco-friendly company. Their mattress materials come from renewable, sustainable sources that comply with Fair Trade policies, and the packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.

Price: $400