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By Published On: April 5th, 2012
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How sonogram savvy are you? Take our quiz to find […]

How sonogram savvy are you? Take our quiz to find out.
Match the ultrasound image with the correct caption.


a. Looks like I’ll be sporting an X and Y in my genetic makeup.
b. I’m raising my tiny fist in celebration of being halfway baked.
c. I may only be 12 weeks along, but my nuchal folds are shaping up nicely!
d. Sugar and spice and everything nice are headed your way, Mom and Dad.
e. This is a face for pictures, am I right?
Did you know?
The images you see on an ultrasound are created by high-frequency sound waves bouncing off your baby in utero. Don’t worry–numerous studies over the course of several decades have shown that ultrasound imagery causes no harm to a fetus.
Answers: 1.e 2.b 3.a 4.d 5.c

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