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Confession: When I was pregnant with my first child, my husband and I stood staring at the wall of strollers at a local baby store for 45 minutes completely dumbfounded. With so many stroller options on the market today, where does one start? Do we need a travel system, umbrella stroller or how about a running stroller? Perhaps we should purchase a jogger with a car seat attachment? So, to all those out there who feel purchasing the right stroller is as confusing as selecting the right car, let me say this: You cannot go wrong with the MÜV REIS stroller!reis-profile

Right out of the box, it was apparent that the REIS stroller is a premium product. All of the materials appear to be top-quality, from the leather handlebar to the sleek aluminum frame. It comes with a standard seat (appropriate for use from 6 months to 50 pounds) that can be positioned to be either forward facing or rear facing. The great perk of the stroller was the addition of a bassinet feature (which is appropriate for infants up to 5 months old or 15 pounds).

Our newborn loves to stretch out and kick her legs, so we immediately knew that the bassinet would be a huge hit for her! In addition, the REIS stroller is compatible with the MÜV KUSSEN car seat and there is also an option to attach a universal car seat adapter in order to utilize other car seat brands. We were also fortunate enough to test out the MÜV KUSSEN car seat, which we ended up loving (aside from its safety features, the seat itself seems so comfortable that our fussy infant hardly ever makes a peep when she is strapped in).

Therefore, we would highly recommend purchasing the travel system (stroller and car seat) as we have found all three stroller attachment options useful and well designed! It’s worth mentioning that there are also additional accessories that one can purchase in order to complete the REIS; accessory options include an additional canopy, snack tray, cup holder, and universal car seat adapter.

Assembling the REIS was a breeze; it only took a few minutes. The manual is short and to the point, leaving no questions about installation or operation. The four foam-filled wheels click into place, the stroller unfolds easily when you unlock the release level, and you are ready to hit the road once you choose your attachment option.

Let’s discuss the various features that the REIS has to offer. Our favorite feature was the built-in insulated cooler. While skeptical of our need for it at first, we have used it almost every hot day that we’ve had this summer. It is great for keeping drinks cold or bringing lunch for a trip to the zoo! In addition to the cooler, there is plenty of room in the storage basket, (so there is no need to carry that oversized diaper bag that we all own).

The seat is double padded, has three recline positions, and it comes with a five-point adjustable safety harness, so your little one will travel safely and comfortably. The bassinet features a canopy with vented windows and an extendable sun shade along with a vented mattress. The REIS also has an extendable stroller handle, which means that you will be able to find the perfect angle and height for pushing. The handle is easily adjustable with its large center button—and the leather-wrapped grip is a luxe bonus. We also enjoy the easy-access foot brake, so that we can start and stop with the flick of our foot. I am unsure if this was intentional or not, but the stroller seat is fairly high; therefore, this allows you to use the stroller as an instant highchair. I can’t complain about that bonus!

On the road, the stroller is comfortable and effortless to push. Probably one of its best features is the fact that it is extremely lightweight. Sometimes lightweight can equate to cheap, but with the REIS, that is certainly not the case. MÜV has found the perfect balance of using quality materials without sacrificing ease-of-use and practicality for the consumer.

Of course, nothing is perfect. Our neighborhood sidewalks are a bit rough, to say the least. We found that the ride over uneven surfaces was, unfortunately, a tad bumpy despite the REIS’ full suspension system. However, a nice feature of the REIS is that the front wheels lock quickly into place with a quarter turn, which is clearly marked on the top of each one. This locking feature helped to smooth out the ride.

gaanfoldedOnce you are finished, the stroller folds away to a compact storage position and has a lock to make sure that it does not accidentally unfold. We were surprised by how little room the folded and stored REIS demands. MÜV also added a soft grip handle to the REIS, which is a big help when we are tossing the stroller into the car!

Now, let’s talk about style. Honestly, we have had multiple people stop and ask us about the stroller. It is sleek and expensive-looking, yet it is lightweight and compact which makes for navigating a crowded area a breeze. A great way to make your REIS stand out in the (stroller) pack is by choosing a fun-colored canopy! MÜV offers five different canopy colors (mystic black, kiwi, cabernet, sky, and candy) as well as two different frame options (black and silver).

Overall, we highly recommend the MÜV REIS! From its ease-of-use to storage capacity, to its sleek design, we have found ourselves completely satisfied with the stroller. At a price of $700, the cost is certainly a consideration; however when it comes to the REIS, you truly get what you pay for. So, if you are in the market, and this stroller is within your price range, the decision is easy—choose the REIS and enjoy the ride!

Price: $700
Where to buy: muvbaby.com

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