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Choosing the right car seat is one of the most […]

Choosing the right car seat is one of the most important purchases a new parent can make. With so many car seats on the market, the decision-making process can be a bit overwhelming to say the least. So, I am here to make the selection process easier for you: Go out and buy the MÜV KUSSEN car seat! The KUSSEN is a rear-facing infant car seat for children weighing 5 to 32 pounds and measuring up to 32 inches tall. The KUSSEN can directly connect into the MÜV GAAN and REIS strollers.

After our petite infant daughter was having some difficulty getting comfortable in our original car seat, I was more than excited when the KUSSEN arrived. Upon first impression, I immediately took note of how cozy and comfortable the seat appeared. It seemed to have more padding than our original car seat, and I just knew that our daughter would prefer the KUSSEN. Our KUSSEN had a pink-colored seat along with a black canopy, but through the company’s website, you can customize the fabric. The color options include mystic black, candy (pink), sky (blue), and kiwi (lime green). I am embarrassed to admit that I did not notice the underside of the canopy until my husband pointed it out, but the fabric displays black and white stripes. I would like to think this was intentional as research shows that contrasting color is the best way to stimulate a baby’s visual system.

The manual provided detailed, reader-friendly information regarding assembly and installation of the car seat. The company also placed several labeled instructions on the car seat base itself. We found this to be a great feature, as we did not have to continually refer to the manual during installation.

The only real assembly needed was attaching the canopy to the car seat. After assembling the canopy, my husband and I proceeded to install the car seat base into our SUV. The base comes equipped with rigid LATCH connectors, which make correct installation quick and easy. Our original car seat also has a LATCH system; however, instead of the latches being rigid, they are latch straps. Therefore, we would have to spend time trying to align the straps just right in order to click into the anchors. The car seat can also be installed using the vehicle’s belt; but, as the manual points out, the LATCH is the recommended method of securing the seat.


The next step was to adjust the base recline. If I had one critique for the KUSSEN, it is the fact that I found it difficult to adjust the recline into each position. It took a lot of muscle strength for me to hold down the handle and move the base.

Once the base was installed, we simply placed the seat on the base and pushed down until we heard it click into place. The first thing we noticed was that the space requirement is much less than our previous infant car seat; there was no need to reposition the front passenger seat. This many not be a feature many families consider when purchasing a car seat, but it made a big difference for front-seat passengers even in our mid-size SUV.

I will admit that I did initially have trouble removing the seat from the base. You need to slide your hand between the vehicle’s seat and the car seat itself and grab the handle underneath. I apparently did not slide my hand under far enough, but once I figured this out, the seat was easy to remove. I suppose I would prefer the release handle to be in a more user-friendly location.

I previously mentioned that the seat appeared comfortable. Upon buckling in our daughter and seeing how content she was, I would have to give the KUSSEN an A-plus in the comfort test. If the memory foam seat pad and inserts weren’t enough, there is also an eight-position adjustable head support and four recline positions on the adjustable base, which adds in keeping the baby comfy and cozy. I do wish there were shoulder pads on the harness; however, with the extra padding provided in the seat itself, I suppose this is simply a personal preference. The KUSSEN also includes a sliding adjustable back that will adjust the height of the harness straps and allow the seat to grow with the baby.

The KUSSEN also wins when it comes to its multi-grip carrying handle, which provides a more natural carrying position. I found this to be such a great feature because—let’s be honest—babies in car seats are heavy. We also loved the KUSSEN’s extendable, vented canopy, which offers additional coverage from the elements.

Aesthetics aside, let’s discuss the real purpose of car seats: safety. The KUSSEN’s controlled motion base responds to crash forces by rotating more upright, which results in better force distribution. In the event of an impact, the KUSSEN infant car seat will absorb the forces of impact by compressing on the built-in shock absorption system resulting in a cushioning effect.

Priced at $260, the KUSSEN is not the most economical choice on the market; however, when it comes to a child’s safety and comfort, I feel that it is well worth the money. The KUSSEN is ahead of the (safety) game with its controlled motion base, and it certainly hits the mark with its superb aesthetic features. Did I mention my fussy newborn fell instantly quiet once buckled into the KUSSEN? Now, in my mind, that alone is worth the price.

Price: $260
To Buy: muvbaby.com

By Elizabeth

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