Mutsy EVO

By Published On: March 6th, 2013

The Mutsy EVO (short for Evolution) is aptly named. The […]

The Mutsy EVO (short for Evolution) is aptly named. The EVO possesses the capability to adapt to you and your baby’s needs with style and sophistication.
MutsyEvo2The primary components of the EVO collection are the stroller base and seat. The seat may be my favorite feature—it is highly adjustable and can be used with a very young baby (before he or she can sit on their own) all the way up through toddlerhood. The seat can also be positioned to face forward or backward on the base—a wonderfully considerate feature that can be adjusted to suit any baby’s needs. Other notable details include a 5-point safety harness, beautiful sleek (easily wipeable) fabric, and a generous sun shade.
The lightweight stroller base folds up easily and compactly, and the chair folds right along with it if desired. There is no need to assemble and disassemble the two components when storing the EVO in your trunk or closet. The base locks closed when it collapses, and there is also a handle for toting the folded stroller around which comes in handy. It is of course a little cumbersome at times, but I have yet to come across a stroller that wasn’t a little awkward to tote around when collapsed.
I feel at ease pushing my daughter around in the EVO. It provides a wonderfully smooth ride and the swiveling front wheels allow for excellent maneuverability. There is plenty of space below for storing a nice sized diaper bag, coat, and possibly even a small shopping bag or two if needed. The handle has a comfortable grip and its height is adjustable so everybody in my family can comfortably take turns pushing the baby around, which is awesome.
There are a couple of additional components for the EVO base that are available separately (a car seat adaptor and bassinet) for those who are interested. The standard seat is fantastic for its great adaptability, but the bassinet is the ultimate in comfort for a young baby. While in the bassinet, our daughter seemed to be thrilled by her perspective. It provides is a wide viewing range for curious babies when the canopy is down. (At 4 months, mine loves looking around at anything and everything that is going on). We have really gotten a lot of smiles out of her while she observes tree branches against the sky, holiday lights, and of course mom and dad making funny faces!
One unexpected benefit we got from the bassinet has been our ability to help our baby sleep while on the go. It is a place where she feels comfortable and secure, and we feel confident knowing she has a safe place to snooze anywhere we are. It helped us to get through the holidays, and has enabled us to have dinner at a friend’s home while still observing her standard bedtime. Having that kind of flexibility is pretty much any parent’s dream!
Another unexpected surprise was how much attention the stroller gets when we go out. I’m always asked what the brand is, and if I like it. (Yes!) Many comments have centered on how much the base with the bassinet is reminiscent of an old school baby buggy or pram. The design really strikes a perfect balance between modernity and nostalgia.
After several weeks of use, I have greatly come to appreciate the careful consideration that was put into every detail of this stroller. The quality, adaptability, and styling really can’t be beat—not by any other stroller I’ve come across anyway! I’m so thrilled that I was turned onto Mutsy and the EVO with my first child. I definitely plan on holding onto it for future additions to our family!
Price: $399 for stroller, $189 for bassinet
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