Mutsy Easy Grow

By Published On: January 29th, 2010

Since I’m a fan of Mutsy’s line of strollers, I […]

Since I’m a fan of Mutsy’s line of strollers, I decided to give their Easy Grow chair a try for Highchair Week. It’s a very cool, modern chair that can be used for several years, so it seemed like a good fit for my family. And I’m definitely not disappointed!
MutsyEasyGrowThe Easygrow sat in the box for several days while I waited for my husband to put it together, until I finally got frustrated and started pulling the pieces out myself. Once he noticed, he took over the assembly process, but I honestly could have done it myself. No tools required, and everything snapped easily into place with no trouble at all.
I immediately noticed how cool this chair looks—I’m all about practicality, but I love it when it comes with a little bit of style. The clean design is simple yet gorgeous and will definitely attract comments from guests. But the obvious question is, how well does it work? Does it serve its purpose?
In a nutshell: yes. Here’s how the Easygrow breaks down:
Stage 1: Highchair function
Once your little one can sit on his own, around 6 months of age, he’s ready for the Easygrow. In the beginning, you will use the infant seat reducer, which is a kind of like a booster seat—it basically just gives your baby a higher, smaller, more supportive seat inside the highchair. It’s very simple to move in and out, so going from a chair for a 6 month old to a chair for a 4 year old is no problem. In the beginning, you’ll also use the highchair tray, which is moved on and off easily as well. Mutsy recommends simply sliding your baby into the seat rather than taking the tray off to put your little one in, which is a nice feature. There is also a five-point harness for baby’s safety.
Stage 2: Toddler chair function
When your little one is ready to start eating at the table, you simply remove the tray and attach the safety bar, and the Easygrow slides right up to the table for family meals. The infant seat reducer can be used until about the age of 3, although it depends on the size of the child. It is also recommended to keep either the tray or safety bar in place until your child reaches 3 years of age, as a safety feature.
Stage 3: Kid chair function
Big kids have it made with this chair. You can remove the harness and safety bar so it’s simply a really fun, fashionable chair that can be used for everything from extra seating at the table to art projects or a desk chair. The weight limit is all the way up to 100 pounds, so it can normally be used to around 12 years of age. That’s one long life for a highchair! During all stages, both the seat and the footrest are easy to adjust at multiple levels, so you can customize the fit for whatever your little one needs.
The Easygrow is easy to wipe clean, with minimal cracks and crevices to catch food bits. The chair is well constructed and will definitely be utilized for many years to come in my home. I think it’s a winner!
Price: $150
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