Munchkin White Hot Duck Tub

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It’s hard to believe that I’m almost a mom to […]

It’s hard to believe that I’m almost a mom to a 1-year-old. It feels like just yesterday (really, yesterday!) that I was giving my little dude his very first bath—and now, I’ve given him so many that I would consider myself a bona fide expert in the baby bath arena.

So since I’ve blissfully floated through bath times for a good part of this year, you can imagine my surprise when my guy outgrew his infant tub (bye-bye old faithful)! What was I supposed to do? My husband thought it would be fine to start bathing him in the regular tub with the water level low. It sounded like a fine idea but it turns out, he wasn’t quite ready for the big boy tub. Every time we put him in, he thought it was super fun to let his legs slide out in front of him. After about 30 seconds, we knew we needed something for the in-between stage, so I started looking.

As soon as I found the Munchkin White Hot Duck Tub, it was love at first sight. I couldn’t wait to bathe my baby in a tub that was as cute as he was and surprisingly, it was so affordable. Here’s how it all went down:

First, I took the bathtub out of the box. It’s inflatable so it comes exactly like a deflated swimming raft. It’s super easy to put together, you just blow it up just like a beach ball. I think it took three to five minutes to completely fill with air. I was impressed with how sturdy and smooth the product was.

Once fully inflated, it was time to take it into the bathroom. Before I could even get it through the door, my little man was all smiles. He was already talking to his new bath friend and eager to play with him.

When we put the inflatable tub in our bathtub, we were happy to see the temperature indicator on the bottom of the tub. Once filled with water, you can easily see if your baby’s water is too hot—always a constant worry for every mom.

Once we knew our water was at the appropriate temperature, we were able to put our monkey in for his first intermediate bath time. He absolutely loved it. My husband and I were also pleased that he was in a safe, padded tub so there was no worry of him sliding down or hitting his head on any corners.

Our most favorite part is that it’s so easy for travel. In fact, this week we will be heading to my parent’s house in another state. We will be there for a week, and I am so happy that we can just pack up the tub in my diaper bag and rest assured that he will have a safe, easy and fun place to clean up.

Overall, I couldn’t resist the charm of this uber cute and portable bath friend. My son loves to kiss the giant beak, and I love that I can take it with us when we go on trips. It’s so convenient to assemble—just blow it up and you’re ready for hours of safe sudsing.

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